Wish Outdone

Ted and Lee both got one wish from the wishing coin, but they didn’t realize this. They thought the coin was unlimited. So they decided to play around a bit, and try to not be outdone by the other’s crazy wish. Ted went first.

“I wish Lee was a midget with a big nose,” said Ted.

Lee shrank to a small 3′ tall, and his nose expanded, he looked like a garden gnome almost! Lee took it in stride, again not knowing the coin would only grant one wish per each of them since they both found it together.

Lee said, his voice a little different as a midget, “Oh yeah? I wish Ted was a slutty mature brunette librarian.”

Ted was suddenly a woman with long curly brunette locks, reading glasses, a back satin blouse, DD’s boobs, a grey pencil skirt, turquoise pantyhose, and loafer styled heels, with long black nails and plenty of makeup on! The before he could react, his mouth was around a penis, the slut part of the wish, he was blowing a college student at the library he was now at, and was surprisingly turned on by the cock and the big strong college hunk it was attached to!

Both now at the library, Ted managed to pull away from the cock, though desperately still wanting it, but shocked to be such a slut and a woman now! He hefted his new boobs, and reached for his new wet equipment after hiking up the skirt, further turning on the watching college guy there! He then went for the coin to try and make Lee outdone with another wish, but it started to vanish! Soon it was gone, along with any chance of either of them changing back again! To make matters more serious, reality shifted with their changes, and now they were only known as their new forms.

Lee was now only known as the midget in the city, and Ted was now known as Teresa Jackie Coxman, the skanky librarian! With no way back, they both would have to adjust. The new Teresa had cock addiction as well, and was overwhelmed with desire. Good thing for her, there were plenty of college studs that went to the library! Meanwhile, Lee would have to get used to using a stepstool to get to high places now!


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