The Start

“Oooh babe, this is great!” I said as I licked the top of my teeth.

My boyfriend and I have a secret. Well, it was his to start with, but he let me in on the fun. A long time ago, he’d been backpacking in the Andes mountains, when, suddenly, he lost his footing and fell into a cave. There, he found the entrance to an undiscovered temple. Ever the adventurer, he descended down an old stairway into the temple. He says he walked a good 5 miles in darkness, with nothing but his flashlight to guide him. Finally, the stairway ended at this neon green pool of liquid. In the center of the pool, floating above it, appeared to be a single drop of liquid gold.

Intrigued, he reached out his hand above the pool until it hovered over the gold (he deduced the green substance might be acid and stayed away from touching it). When his hand got near enough, the gold drop leaped onto his hand and spread throughout his body, like a virus taking over a new host. My boyfriend tried to rip it off, but the gold spread too fast and when the gold encompassed his head too, he passed out. When he woke up, the pool was gone, as was the temple, and he was lying on a cliff near a waterfall. He examined himself to check for anything different with his body, but as far as he could tell, he was the same.

Only when he returned home from his trip, and got in an argument with his older brother, did he come to understand his change. While fighting, he’d wished his brother was the younger one so that he could be the one to boss his brother around. Then, suddenly, his brother transformed to be younger. His brother kept his consciousness but everyone else believed that he (my boyfriend) had always been the older one now. My boyfriend experimented further. He imagined he had a sister instead of a brother and viola! He now had a younger sister named Jenn. She was still his brother on the inside, but she came with all the mannerisms and preferences of a girl! And eventually, Jenn learned to like it.

So blah blah blah, my boyfriend perfects his ability, meets me, and after 6 months of dating, tells me about his secret. In fact, he reveals our vacation to South America was just a ruse to bring me to the same cliff that all this started from. And then, he makes a crazy offer. He asks me if I’d ever wanted to experience life in the body of someone else–just temporarily. I wanted to slap him at first, but, having always been insecure about my attractiveness growing up, I paused. I hated girls in high school who’d always slept around with the football team. But, part of me had envied them too…their self-confidence, their passion, their freedom. So, I whispered, “Yes.”

“Close your eyes,” he said. I did and then it felt like I blacked out for a moment. “Open them.” When I did, I saw my boyfriend standing there with a sly grin on his face. “What did you–” I didn’t need to finish my sentence. BAM! It was immediate. I felt amazing! No, more than that, I felt WILD! I looked down to examine myself. I had gone from a small brunette girl to a busty blonde. Even my clothes had changed! I was wearing a bikini instead of hiking shorts and flip flops instead of boots. But, goooooodd, did I feel good! I was still me on the inside, but I felt so much more at ease, so much more confident.

I knew I was hot. Duh! I had always been hot! Guys existed to drool over me. It was so obvious, so why hadn’t I seen it before?! Being sexy and sultry gave me so much power. And that power was not only useful, but it was also fun for me. I rubbed my hands up and down my body feeling how smooth my skin was. “ohhh” I cooed a little.

“So how is it?” my boyfriend asked. I looked him in the eye and smiled a little. I flipped my beautiful blonde hair to one side and then licked my teeth. “Oooh babe, this feels great. And you know what else?”


“I’m feeling an itch…down there. An itch I need you for RIGHT NOW.” I saw his erection spring up immediately. I walked over to him, swaying my hips in a way I’d never known how before, and kissed him. I slid my hands down his pants and felt his excitement.

He untied my bikini and then we started to…well, let’s just say, if a woman moans in a forest but no one but her boyfriend hears it…


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