First Impressions

They warned me not to go there. They said white men weren’t welcome. They said the locals believed in magic and I wouldn’t be safe. Magic! Bah! I’m a trained missionary. It’s my duty to go to backwards people, such as these, and enlighten them. No one would take me, so I bought a small boat and set out for the island alone. As I neared the beach, a local watched me suspiciously. I smiled and waved to him. A good first impression is important. He only frowned and began to mumble. Undeterred, I approached him with my hand out. He did seem much taller than I had originally thought. I took his hand in mine and gave it a good shake. We were taught a good firm hand shake was an almost universal sign of greeting. As I shook his hand a big smile replaced the frown on his face. I was right! These people aren’t so unapproacable. I’ll bet they take everything I have to offer.


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