The spell book

James had just woken up. He was in his living room couch, completely unaware of all the changes his body had suffered. But as soon as he stood up, I saw him get out of balance, he looked down for the first time. He was confused, he grabbed his breasts, and as expected went looking for his equipment, which was completely gone. He hadn’t notice I was spying on him. “what the? why did this happen?” he said with his new high pitched sexy voice.

I couldn’t help it, but laugh. He looked around, “you!? you did this? turn me back!” he said. “you look so cute when you’re angry” I laughed. He tried to hit me, but his strenght was gone. “Fine! fine! if you want it so back” I told him. I grabbed the spell book I had used to transform him, and started reading from it. I could see his expression change. I knew exactly what was going through his mind, he was accepting his new female self, while saying goodbye to his male self. When it was over, she looked happy, she kissed me passionately, and guided me to her bedroom.

When I first went in, she looked excited, I still remember how she was biting her lips. She moaned, she yelled, she came in no time. “It feel so good to be a woman!” she said. And with that, I knew I had a new girlfriend, and she seemed quite happy about it.


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