The shoe is on the other foot

I’d always wondered why Deirdre went through so many boyfriends. I mean, she’s gorgeous, has a nice personality, and I’ve always thought she was a fun person to hang around. Still, I’d never gotten up the nerve to ask her out. It surprised me one day when she asked me out on a date! I stammered and agreed quickly. She just smiled and said that she’d take care of everything.

The next evening came too slowly for me, but finally, she arrived. We kissed, just a peck on the lips, then sat down on the couch. “Okay, we’ve got a dinner reservation in an hour and a half, a movie later on, then I figure, if all goes well, the rest of the night for fun!” she said and I was just floored. I’ve never had a girl come on this strong to me.

Then she gets a serious look on her face. “In fact, there’s only one major thing left to do. I need to tell you that I just can’t stand having a man shoving his dick into my pussy, or ass, or in my face. So here’s what I’m going to do.” I know I looked stupid with my face twisted in confusion. My confusion only grew when she began chanting and waving her hands around. She smiled when she stopped, but before I could even form a question, I felt something happening.

Down in my crotch, I almost instantly grew a huge erection. I tried to hide it behind my hands, but it didn’t matter. As soon as it hit, it began shrinking. Going, going, gone! I couldn’t feel any of it anymore! Not only my dick, but even my balls didn’t feel like they were there! I pulled my pants out and was shocked to see a pussy down there, on me!

Looking over at Deirdre, she was grinning and running her hands along a growing manhood in her pants. Noticing my attention, she continued. “Here’s the deal, honey. If you play along, and do what I say, we’ll switch things back tomorrow morning. So we’re gonna go out, you’re maybe going to give me a nice blowjob during the movie, and when we come back home you’re gonna get the fucking of your life! Hell, I’m pretty horny right now, and the reservation isn’t for another hour. So drop your pants and bend over the couch, I want to make a woman out of you now!”

I thought I knew the answer, but I had to ask. “What if I say no?” “Well, then, I hope you like periods, cramps, tampons, gynecologists, the whole nine yards!” She dropped her pants and I confirmed that the dick on her looked a hell of a lot like mine, I mean, the one I had mere moments ago.

I slowly unzipped my pants and dropped them to the ground. Bending over the couch, with my ass towards her, I offered up one last thought. “It’s just one crazy night, right?” Stepping up to me and pushing slowly in she smiled. “Unless you REALLY like it, honey.”


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