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The dominant bastard gets her just desserts

“Well, well, guess the shoe is on the other foot now, isn’t it, my darling husband?” my wife looked down at me and smirked. “You always did love those bondage games, didn’t you? Now it’s your turn to get tied up and taken advantage of, whether you want it or not.” Read more

Moving things around

Brenda looked down at her suddenly diminutive former husband and smiled. “Well, I think we’re off to a good start here. You always lorded your height over me, and now that I’ve got it, I kinda like it. Changing you into a woman is pretty neat too. Who knew you would’ve been so small if you’d been born female? You can’t even suck on my tits unless I lay down or bend over. Hah!” Read more

The shoe is on the other foot

I’d always wondered why Deirdre went through so many boyfriends. I mean, she’s gorgeous, has a nice personality, and I’ve always thought she was a fun person to hang around. Still, I’d never gotten up the nerve to ask her out. It surprised me one day when she asked me out on a date! I stammered and agreed quickly. She just smiled and said that she’d take care of everything. Read more

The newest Redtube star is born

“Just look at her taking that cock, Dianne! She’s such a natural slut!” Brenda laughed while taking a video with her phone. “I think she maybe wanted this all along, Brenda! She sure looks like she’s getting ready to cum!” Both women laughed while Mike was being fucked by the naked stud behind her. She couldn’t help reacting to the big, hard cock ramming in and out of her pussy. It was all Mike could do to hold onto the sink to keep standing, especially since she was only standing on one high heeled shoe. Read more

Going to a party

“Just look at my ex-husband, the slut!” my blond ex-wife lifted my chin with her hand. “Got somebody’s cock inside her cunt and it damned sure ain’t gonna be the last one tonight, will it boys?” she said, getting increasingly louder as she spoke. The crowd shouted back “NO!” with hoots, whistles, and laughter. Read more

Revenge is a dish best served doggy style!

“Oh, look, Kevin! I think my pathetic ex-husband is enjoying herself! I told you that you were a much better lay than he was!” My ex-wife was sitting there, watching her new boyfriend pounding away at my new pussy. It was all so confusing and happening so fast, I hardly knew how I should react. But, oh, damn, this did feel so good! Read more

The secret life of the new Supergirl

Mike had a lot to get used to after he was accidentally struck by Lex Luthor’s mind exchanging ray when he was fighting Superman and Supergirl. Superman had crushed the gun swiftly after Lex had shot me and Superman’s cousin Kara, not knowing that he was dooming the two of us to live each others lives. Read more

Know when to hold ’em

Michael held his cards low over his newly acquired breasts as he looked at the blond card shark in front of him. “Okay, so I’ve lost all my money, my clothes, and even my manhood, but you’ve got to let me try to win it back! Just this hand, alright? Double or nothing.” Looking down at his sexy female figure, with her extensive curves, she begged. Read more

You only lose once

Michael couldn’t believe what he saw before his eyes. He’d been invited to the ‘company party’ at the prestigious Leveau Estate, and watched as ten men entered the ring. He’d seen a couple of them around the office before, so he knew this was legitimate. The men wrestled one on one, but when a man got pinned by the other or thrown out of the ring, he quickly changed into a beautiful woman! And one by one, each newly made woman was rapidly fucked by the winner of the match! It was incredible, impossible, and arousing to watch until the boss approached Michael with the news that he was in the next match if he wanted to keep his job. Read more

Crashing the party

Mike had heard about the girls for quite some time. Every month or so, the rumors said, the girls would get together and have crazy lesbian sex with each other. Sometimes they’d invite a new girl to join their group. Mike just couldn’t put the notion out of his mind. He decided that he just had to see what went on, even if it meant dressing up as a girl. Mike knew the blond girl in the blue and white dress, her name was Deirdre. He convinced her that he was serious about joining the fun. “You know, if we do induct a new girl, she’s the party favor for the evening, right? Everyone gets a turn at her.” This did nothing but entice him more. Mike agreed quickly, even when Deirdre added that he’d have to wear a chastity device for the night. “Don’t want to scare the girls, do we?” Read more