The room

When I openned the hotel room door, I noticed something was off. Everything inside of it looked black and white. I was affraid to enter. So all I did was wave my hand inside the room. Once my hand was inside the room, it looked black and white too. I tried pulling my hand back out, but it was stuck, like if something was holding it from the inside. I pushed a little more of my arm inside the room, and saw it become black and white too. “Weird” I said while trying to pull back again.

I noticed my hand not only was black and white, but it looked smaller, kind of feminine. There was no way I could pull my hand out, so I started slowly walking into the room. Little by little I kept pushing into the inside, trying to keep my head outside. As one of my legs entered the room, I noticed that it was wearing stockings and heels. My crotch area entered the room, and I felt a thong cover my new pussy. I was somewhat afraid, but I knew there was no way back. As my chest entered, I felt a black bra cover my breasts. Finally, being careful, I pulled my head inside the room too. I saw my long braided tails. I could feel make up on my face, and lipstick on my lips. I continued walking, and noticed a table and some lamps.

Then somebody turned on the lights. I looked around and it was a man. “It took you some time. For a moment or two I thought you weren’t coming in.” the man said. I noticed he kinda looked like me, the old me that is. “I hope you don’t mind, but I needed your body. You must be wondering what happened. Don’t worry, in a few seconds you won’t care.” He was right, I could feel something entering my mind, changing it, altering it.

Then I heard a loud crack. And color was back. It was 1946. I was at a hotel room, a man, had asked for me by name. I started to strip sexily for him. He was paying good money to sleep with me, so I was going to give him the best show I could, and the best sex I can.


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