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Can’t wait

The doctor’s looked at each other in confusion. They expected side effects, but nothing like this. When Mitchy came to them to test the experimental drug “X-21” he was just desperate for cash. They told him that this would revert him back to the age of 21 for a week. He was fine with this, who wouldn’t want to be younger for a week. But instead of just changing his age it also changed his gender and accelerate his, now her, sex drive. She couldn’t even wait to get to the bathroom before starting to undress.

The room

When I openned the hotel room door, I noticed something was off. Everything inside of it looked black and white. I was affraid to enter. So all I did was wave my hand inside the room. Once my hand was inside the room, it looked black and white too. I tried pulling my hand back out, but it was stuck, like if something was holding it from the inside. I pushed a little more of my arm inside the room, and saw it become black and white too. “Weird” I said while trying to pull back again. Read more