The Ring

The simple ring just appeared in the mail box in a simple envelope. The note inside said “Have fun”. Touching it caused an influx of information to flow into Sam’s 14 year old head. He realized that the ring could help him have some fun. The information in his head told him that the ring would enable him to shapeshift. He could become anyone he wanted and even change specific things on the person. It was all up to his imagination. As it so happened his neighbor, Tammy, who he had lusted over just left the house and her boyfriend was still home. He imagined Tammy naked and slowly his body started changing into her. His chest started forming into her A cups and curves all around sprouted while his hair grew longer. Looking at his new body, he decided to improve it by giving himself double D’s and a bubble butt with a flat tummy. He imagined a slutty outfit to tempt Tammy’s boyfriend. Time to test out the sex drive of Tammy’s boyfriend.


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