Nancy Nutsacks

Harold woke up as Nancy “Nutsacks”, a local chick known for sucking on balls and playing with them to make a guy explode almost instantly. He was almost automatically chewing on his sheets, taking them in his mouth, somewhat like he would a pair of balls, only he probably wouldn’t chew on them.

He jumped out of bed, his massive tits bouncing, seeing his new form in the full length mirror.

“I’m, I’m… NANCY NUTSACKS! I’m a fucking ball sucking slut, how did this happen?!”

Then the radio on the clock by the bed came on for the morning alarm, and the news was broadcast for his new female ears to hear, the Great Shift hit their town, and was like all previous cases permanent. People were advised to stay calm and in their houses, until things could be sorted out for their new lives.

The new Nancy thought how could she stay calm, she was now a busty woman, and now she craved men’s nutsacks like a fetish almost! The only thing she found to take her mind off was to suck on some kiwi fruits she had in her fridge, simulating balls. Also sliding on a set of Wolford pantyhose helped her feel better too, she wondered what hose felt like, but her mind was still on some tasty nutsacks.


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