The Prequel

A few years ago I found a wishing stone. It was worth one wish, I thought about asking it to have more wishes, but I have heard stories about those kind of wishes backfiring. So After thinking about it for a while, I thought about a different kind of wish. Something that will grant me unlimited wishes in some other way.

I grabbed the stone, pressed as hard as I could “I wish that I am able to grant infinite wishes”. The rock started to emanate light, I felt its power enter my body. I expected to become a genie or a wizard. But instead, I felt my body change. I started to become pale white. Then I started to get small and thinner. It wasn’t painfull, it was more arousing than anything. I finally fell to the floor. I didn’t know what had happened to me. I could see 360 degrees around me, but I couldn’t see myself. I couldn’t move, nor talk. “This isn’t what I wanted” I thought.

I lied on the floor for weeks, it wasn’t until a guy picked me up. I was so small, that I fitted in his backback. A few hours later he got me out of it, and placed me on a desk. We were in a classroom, and in college I guess.

I knew everything was wrong, but “what am I? why is he treating me like a book?” I kept asking myself. I saw him looking at a girl, she was cute, about 19 or 20 years old. I could tell he had a crush on her. I saw him grab a pen, and then, he started wrtting on me. It didn’t feel bad, but I could feel every stroke. It was kind of arousing, if I were still a man, I would have already came.

When he stopped writting, I could read what he wrote on me. “I wish Emily loved me”. That was when I learned who or what I was. I felt the need to fullfill his wish, I concentrated on Emily, and in no time, she looked back at him and smiled.

A few weeks later, they were dating, and pretty much in love. I had learned my owners name, he was John. A name I will never forget. I think he didn’t know Emily started loving him because of me. So I was on a shelf, kind of abandonded looking at them. It was halloween, and they were ready to go to a party. Emily was dressed like a sexy cat, John said something stupid, and she got upset.

“Don’t be mad” John said, while grabbing me, “look, let me show you something” he said while openning me once again. “well it’s worth a try” he whispered. He then wrote on me “Sometimes I wish I understood Emily”. Oh, how I wished he had phrased that well, but a wish is a wish, so I quickly made them exchange bodies. The new John was unaware of the changes, so he left me on a shelf again. I could tell the real John was in Emily’s body, because she was acting weird. But she pretended not to be mad, and they went to the party.

When they came back, Emily was quite drunk. They went upstairs to John’s bedroom. And from the sound and moaning I heard, I am pretty sure they had sex. Afterwards, Emily walked downstairs, and grabbed me. She gave me a kiss. “You are the best thing that happened to me. I will never lose you”. I was just glad to help her… well him…


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