Round Two

“So how about it babe, ready for another round?” my wife asked, looking down at me. Her massive tits swayed as she leaned slightly forward.
“But we just finished!” I retorted.
“Yeah, but I don’t think I’m satisfied with their growth today,” she said, cupping her breasts. “I want them to grow at least a cup size a day, and I don’t think I even got half a cup today, so come on!” She pulled me closer to her, and I regretfully inserted myself into her. Before I knew it, she had spun us around, and now I was on the bottom, her pendulous boobs swaying inches above my face.
In no time at all I came, giving up even more of my height. Her breasts only expanded, they’re warmth greeting me as they grew onto my face.
“Aah, thanks babe,” I heard her say, her voice muffled by the titflesh that surrounded my ears. “Maybe later tonight we’ll have another go.”


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