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True nature

“How it is even possible” i said to Jane, my girlfriend, having huge doubts about her story. “It’s magic Julian, i promess you, it’s real.” Since she have heard about the “true nature mirror”, Jane haven’t stopped asking me to go look into it. According to what she tell me, the mirror had the power to reveal the true nature of a someone and transforming him to fit it. I wasn’t believe in it but my girlfriend does. A lot. She repeated me how she knew her form wasn’t the one she was ment to have and she had to do it in order to find her true purpose in life. I kept saying i liked the way she was now and how much i loved her, she wanted to do it anyway. So one day, i agree to go to the magic shop and pay to a visit of the magic mirror. Read more

The Prequel

A few years ago I found a wishing stone. It was worth one wish, I thought about asking it to have more wishes, but I have heard stories about those kind of wishes backfiring. So After thinking about it for a while, I thought about a different kind of wish. Something that will grant me unlimited wishes in some other way. Read more