The Other One

I was out at a local club Jen, with one of my best friends from work. She’s great company, but every now and then she’ll complain about things when she’s clearly in a better position than the person she’s talking to. Today’s topic was her love life. “It’s just impossible for me to get a guy I like to show any interest in me.” She said.

“Oh come on. Guys have it so much harder. A hot girl like you could have anybody she wants.” I wasn’t wrong. She was a beautiful tall brunette who’d been supplementing her income for the past year as an underwear model. It doesn’t get any more desirable than that. “A hot girl can even have a straight girl if she decides to.”

“Oh really Chris? You’re on.” She whipped a little blister pack out of her purse. “This will turn you into a girl for 24 hours. Why don’t you put your money where your mouth is.” I popped the pill out of its packaging, “One warning though,” she cut in, “If you get any cum on you, you don’t change back.” Well that wasn’t going to be a problem, I was going to be going after girls anyway.

We decided it would be best to change in private. She pulled me into the ladies room and locked the door. I popped the pill, stripped naked, and waited. The changes came quickly. My body grew hairless, and softened everywhere. I lost a few inches of height until I stood eye level with Jen. I felt my face reshaping, and a tightness in my throat. “Wow, that kicks in quick” I said in a soft angelic voice. Next i saw my hips widen, and two mounds of flesh press out from my chest. The combined effect of the my new hips and sensitive breasts was a slender hourglass figure to rival Jen’s.

“Now,” she said, pulling a bra, panties, and tiny red piece of fabric out of her purse, “I do have this dress with me. Thing is, it’s pretty revealing. If you’d rather something larger, I can loan you mine.”

I put on the underwear, and decided “Yeah I think I like yours.” She slipped out of it, and I wasted no time in pulling her in for a kiss. She pulled away smiling, and a kissed her once more on the cheek. “Actually, just kidding. I just wanted to see what you had under that dress. No, revealing is good.”

“Wow, you’re bad,” she said in a playfully impressed voice.

“So what do you think,” I mused as we slipped our dresses on “do I make you mine for the night, or do I head out there and find another lucky girl.”

“You could do that,” She said slowly while leaving the bathroom, “but I’m not sure you really understand. I’m the hot girl. Want to dance?”

Wait, if she’s the hot girl, then that must make me- I was distracted by a handsome man in the suit at the bar. We made eye contact and he waved me over.

“Sure, in a bit. I need a drink first.”

I swayed across the bar to him and he introduced himself as George.

“Christine. Hey, I love this place, but didn’t realize how expensive it is. If you want to save some money I’ve got a bottle of wine at my place.”


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