The old lady

I kept jogging. I didn’t care people were looking at me in a weird way. I didn’t know what was wrong, or why everybody seemed to look at me with some kind of lust. I just kept jogging. A couple of miles back, I had seen how a man tried to steal an old lady’s purse. I scared the burglar, and even though the old lady fell to the floor, she wasn’t harmed, and she still had all her belongings. “Thank you young man” the lady told me. I smiled, helped her up, and asked her if she needed a ride home, or something. To which she just replied, “I might be an old lady, but I can walk home. Don’t you worry about me. Go on, continue what you were doing. I sincerely wish you can get what you want the most”. I insisted, but she just told me to continue jogging.

While I was jogging, I couldn’t help but think about the wording the old lady used, “She wishes? what I want the most?” I whispered, “What I want the most is Kat. She is just the hottest and smartest girl I know”. I continued jogging. I felt a lot lighter, “maybe all this workout is finally helping” I thought. I felt thinner, but my pants felt thighter, I didn’t give it much thought. People were looking at me. It was weird seeing guys drooling over me. “what the? I wanted women to drool over me, not men” I thought. I then felt something bouncing on my chest. I looked down, and had to stop. “It sure look like breasts” I said outloud. I grabbed and squezzed them. “They sure feel like breasts”. My hands were feminine too. I noticed I was dressed in women’s clothing.

I started to panic, “what? why am I a woman? what am I going to do?” I was worried, but at the same time, I was curious, I wanted to see my new face. So I walked to the nearest public restrooms. When I looked at myself in the mirror, I realized what had happened. “I am Kat?”, I sure looked like her twin. I thought about looking for that old woman, but that was a few miles back, no way I would find her.

I noticed I had a key hidden under my blouse. It had the address and locker number engraved on it. I went back there looking for my stuff. Inside the locker, there was a purse and some car keys. I openned the purse, and looked for an id, although I had the same last name than Kat, I had a different name “Alice” I said. “I must be her twin sister or something”.

I drove to her place, and when I got there, Kat said “hi sis” like nothing was wrong. We talked for a while, and I realized I was acting quite girly. “Ready for our double date tonight?” Kat asked me, to much of my surprise, I quickly answered “of course I am sis. Can’t wait!”

Somehow my wish became true. I am close to Kat. I still think she is hot, well as hot as I am; and I might be her twin sister, but she is still the smartest of the two. I still remember I used to be a guy, but I don’t care, that life is gone. I am Ali, Kat’s sister, and I am a straight woman looking for a guy to date.


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