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The old lady

I kept jogging. I didn’t care people were looking at me in a weird way. I didn’t know what was wrong, or why everybody seemed to look at me with some kind of lust. I just kept jogging. A couple of miles back, I had seen how a man tried to steal an old lady’s purse. I scared the burglar, and even though the old lady fell to the floor, she wasn’t harmed, and she still had all her belongings. “Thank you young man” the lady told me. I smiled, helped her up, and asked her if she needed a ride home, or something. To which she just replied, “I might be an old lady, but I can walk home. Don’t you worry about me. Go on, continue what you were doing. I sincerely wish you can get what you want the most”. I insisted, but she just told me to continue jogging. Read more