The not so unexpected

I have always wondered why my roommate seems to disappear everytime my girlfriend shows up. “You don’t like her? don’t you?” I confronted him. But he couldn’t come up with a straight answer. “Fine, if you want to leave, just leave” I told him, but he said he was going to be up in his room just playing videogames. I didn’t tell him, but I hid a camera in his room. I didn’t know what I would find out, but I just did so. I heard him turning on his console, a few minutes later my girlfriend Amy showed up. She looked even hotter than usual.

We were watching a movie when she asked me, “what’s bothering you?”. “My roommate, I think he doesn’t like you. He keeps up making excuses not to meet you” I told her. She didn’t say a word, she just smiled, and kissed me. I unhooked her bra. She took her panties off. I knew we were about to have sex for the first time. I went down on her, and started licking her pussy. It felt really wet. She moaned like crazy, her clit was erect. She then went down on me, the whole thing was amazing. We had sex right there on the living room couch.

A few hours later she left. I went up to my room. My roommate was still playing videogames. “Everynight,” I told him, “don’t you have anything better to do?” I asked him. He smiled again, it was weird, his smile kind of seemed familiar. I went to my bedroom, and fell asleep. The next morning, I waited until my roommate left for work to sneak into his room, and looked at my camera footage.

[Ending One. The not so unexpected] In the footage, he looked at himself in the mirror, and said some words, I don’t know what they were, but they sure sounded like latin. James had transformed into a copy of my girlfriend Amy. “But why? the real Amy is downstairs” I said. I saw him exit his room through the window. And then, the doorbell rang. It wasn’t until that moment, that I realized what was happening. He was Amy! no wonder they were never in the same room. I hadn’t realized it yet, but since I heard the spell from the recording, I had transformed into Amy. I looked at myself in the mirror andfelt like posing. I revealed my breasts a little, and snapped a selfie with my cellphone. I sent a text to James, “found your secret. I guess this time I will be Amy. Can’t wait. xo” I told him. While waiting for him, I jumped into bed and started exploring my new body.

[Ending Two. The unexpected – (This was the planned ending, but somehow it just didn’t fit, I left it as an alternate ending to the story)] In the footage, he looked at himself in the mirror, and said some words, I don’t know what they were, but they sure sounded like latin. I was not prepared to what happened next. I was looking at myself. He had transformed into a copy of myself. Then I walked into his room. “I don’t remember any of this” I said outloud. He said someother words, and I saw myself transform into a copy of Amy. I got undressed, and he handed me some sexy clothes. It was exactly what Amy was wearing yesterday.

“Go outside, and knock at the door” he ordered me. And Amy… well I, I did what he said. I was not only surprised he was using magic to transform himself, but me too? And why didn’t I remember Amy’s point of view. The whole thing was making me feel both, mad and turned on. I hadn’t realized it yet, but hearing the spell from the recording, had transformed into Amy again. I caught a peek of me on the mirror. My worries disappeared, I felt so hot. I called James, “hey lover, found your secret. Care to come home, and go at it again?” I asked him. I was so turned, I was Amy, I was about to have hot sex, and this time I would remember everything.


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