Just some things you could not teach them.

Like a lot of people affected by the great shift Jason had problems getting used to the finer details of being a woman.

You could teach a man to wear female clothes and underwear to put on make-up & to sit down to pee.

You could teach him about the inner workings of his new body you could teach him how to walk and to talk like a woman but there was just some things that took a little bit longer for them to get used to.

Especially after they’ve had a couple of beers like remembering to go to the Ladies Room instead of the gents or remembering they must shut their legs when they are wearing a dress or remembering there new bodies could not handle the alcohol like their old ones.

There was just some things you could not teach a man some things they have been doing since they were little boys and now we’re just part of there default settings despite all the help and training they got.


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