The next day

“What’s this?” I asked myself, when the next day after my wedding I woke up all alone in bed. I could feel long hair touching my right shoulder. I was wearing nothing but my wife’s nightgown. “Wait was that my voice?” I said outloud, realizing I had her voice. I felt an emptyness downthere, and worst of all, it fell sore.

Then, he got out of the bathroom, well, what used to be me. “what’s going on?” I asked him. He smiled, “you don’t remember?” he asked back. “No, I don’t. Why am I you, and you me?” I asked. “But you were the one that bought the potion, you convinced me to swap bodies with you. You even told me you could swap us back in no time” he said. But I didn’t remember any of it, “I… I don’t know what you are talking about. All I remember is getting married, and then waking up as you. I have no other memory”.

He looked at me and said “You said this might happen” he got a piece of paper out, “you told me to read this”. After he did so, I forgot why I was so worried, I invited him back to our bed, and we went at it again. I love my hubby so much.


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