Playing with wands

Toby typed away on his computer when a cat strolled into his room and jumped on to his bed.

“Mrrow!” The cat demanded, and Toby turned, a smirk on his face.

“So I guess you’ve had your fill of pooping in the litter box.” Toby said and turned, reaching for the wand on his desk, “Ok, but you’d better be calmer this time.”

Toby flicked his wrist and suddenly there was a girl sitting on the bed. Though she didn’t know it, Toby smirked at the reminder of her past week he’d left on her face.

“Dude, I-” Chris paused and brought her hand up to her slender throat, then looked down and saw her chest.

“Yeah, you’re still a girl. Why would I ever want to give you your dick back?”

Chris opened her mouth to complain, but then stopped. That had been what ended up putting her on four legs in the first place after all.

“So, you’re a little more to fuck me now? Besides, I know you’re not a virgin now, I heard you and Tom yowling in the alley the past three nights.

Chris shuddered, remembering what she’d done with the neighbors cat. She was more familiar now with feline anatomy than she’d ever wanted to be. She’d never look at a cat again without thinking two words: barbed penis.

“Fine, whatever.” She said.

“I think I want a little more enthusiasm than that. Maybe if I put you back in heat.” Toby said and waved the wand again.

Chris bit her lower lip as she felt a warmth grown in her groin, and a wetness. She eyed Toby’s crotch and swore she could smell it.

“That’s better. Now bend over and lets see if I can’t make you yowl louder than old Tom!” Toby shouted and laughed, setting down the wand again.

Chris eyed it for a moment and imagined a world where she could use it. Where she could get her revenge. It would be so grand. Of course that was just a fantasy. She turned her head back to Toby’s other rod, now proudly on display, and was glad that at least she’d get to play with that one.


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