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My Life As A Giantess

Yeah, that’s me, out for my morning walk through the city. Just a normal girl taking a normal walk. Gotta watch my figure! Nothing unusual at all! Read more


The doctor warned Mark to be careful and use the new experimental female hormones sparingly. But he just couldn’t help himself. He wanted to become a beautiful woman and the pills worked so well. Read more

So Teeny Part 2

“Eee, I can’t believe how small you’ve gotten!” my girlfriend squeed, looking down at my six-inch tall self between her legs. This was her favorite place to put me. I knew that all she had to do was put her legs together, and I’d be squished. I looked up at her face, but my eyes were immediately drawn to her large breasts. I had given her those. Every bit of height I lost only went to making her bigger. She was definitely taller, having to duck under our doorframes now. Her ass had grown, her thighs had grown, and her tits had especially grown.
“Oh, I see you staring at my tits, naughty boy!” she chastised me. “Though I guess I could give you a better look…” She reached down, and picked me up with one hand, setting me on top of her boobs as she reclined back. I could barely keep my balance: it was like trying to stand in a bouncy house. Eventually I fell, smacking face-first into her warm titflesh. I crawled down, eventually reaching her nipple and using it to steady myself.
“OH! Don’t touch that sweetie!” she moaned at me. “You know how sensitive they are.” I rubbed her nipple, and she moaned harder.
“On second thought,” she said, reaching her hand down between her legs. “Keep it up…”

Used to Fit

“Can you believe these used to fit me?” your girlfriend says, bending down over your smaller form.
“I mean, just look at these!” she continues, standing up, causing her boobs to bounce softly as she does so. You have a better view of her jeans now, popped open at the button due to her swelled ass. “This teeny top used to cover my girls, but now I can barely get it past my nipples!” She had been growing uncontrollably ever since you slipped the expansion pills into her morning coffee.
You hadn’t expected her to grow this huge though…