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New God XIII

Previous Chapters (and mini-summaries):
1: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26440
(Discovered my powers & changed Mr. Huxley into a Miss & fucked her)
2: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26467
(Absorbed Eve Wilkins’ memories & punished two bullies)
3: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26498
(Granted Sophia’s wish to be a woman & did the same to myself)
4: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26508
(Got my parents back together & gave my brother a girlfriend)
5: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26546
(Punished the basketball team & masturbated wmini-Mike)
6: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26560
(Became Miss Infinity then fucked Mary while Mike fucked giant Petra)
7: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26685
(Gave Mike Petra’s memories & Aphrodite introduced herself to me)
8: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26692
(Aphrodite shows off to prove her point & I wreck a man’s life for fun)
9: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26698
(Michelle is raped by Aphrodite while I reveal myself to Mary)
10: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26709
(Michelle masturbates in the shower, I finish recruiting Mary)
11: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26715
(I fuck my three mortals, start feeling like a god, we move to Vegas)
12: http://opentgcaptions.com/enter/index.php/reader/read/26729
(I travel in time, restore Rebecca, and she chooses to stay freely) Read more