The New God V

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As I walked to school the next morning, as usual, I met up with my best friend Mike. I decided that Mike was someone I wanted to know about me, and so for the third time, I recounted the whole story. As proof, I shrank Mike down to less than an inch tall, turned into my busty girl form, and stuffed him in my cleavage.

I saw Mike’s mouth open like he was speaking, but he was too small to make a noise audible to me. I could barely feel him moving about, so insignificant and weak he couldn’t even budge my boobs. As I walked, my giant melons bounced and swayed with him trapped between them, even more helpless than a fly in a spiderweb.

“Now that you know beyond a doubt that I am all-powerful, let me make a suggestion. Let’s you and I go play with my powers today instead of going to school. Or rather, I should say, in ADDITION to going to school.” I said. For show, I snapped my fingers around breast-height. I suspected it would draw his eyes toward the perfect duplicates of us that appeared in front of us and began walking to school for us.

“They are us. Their actions will be exactly what we would do. Well, sans omnipotence, of course. And this evening, when we merge back with them, we’ll have all of their experiences. We will have both attended and skipped school. Perfect crime!” I said.

I looked down at tiny Mike pinned between my tits. He wasn’t struggling anymore. He seemed to almost be basking in them. I turned my friend back into his normal size as we walked along the street. “So, believe me now?”

“WHAT???” he said obnoxiously loudly. I was confused for a moment and then realized…his voice from being so small was inaudible to me. What if mine, and the loud snap I made near him, were deafening to him? I cured his hearing instantly.

“Oh no! I’m SO sorry! I … I thought it would be a harmless prank to demonstrate. I didn’t realize that you’d be so fragile your eardrums would pop.” I apologized.

“Dude, don’t worry about it. That…was…AWESOME!!!” Mike said.
“Really? I…I feel like I got a little out of control there, and I don’t want you to be afraid of me. I’ve kind of discovered that I like showing off a bit when I showed my mom what I can do, and I took it too far this time. I shouldn’t do shit like that without your permission.” I continued apologizing.

“I just got to ride, jammed between a pair of tits each of which was the size of a house. A BIG house, like one owned by rich people. Yeah, I was initially scared, especially when I realized I couldn’t move because your boobs were too heavy, and you couldn’t hear me. But then I remembered that it’s you. You wouldn’t hurt me, not on purpose. And yeah, your voice was like putting my ear against the speaker at the loudest concert you’ve ever been to, but that was fun as HELL. Feel free to do that to me anytime…just…y’know, whisper next time.” Mike said, smiling.

We walked silently for awhile, each thinking of what to say next. Mike broke the silence.

“So, why do you keep changing guys into girls, especially yourself?” Mike asked, noticing that I was still the busty girl.
“I don’t know. I guess because this is being posted to a really cool TG website.” I said.
“What?” Mike asked, confused.
“Oh, sorry. I guess I’m powerful enough to break the fourth wall, too.” I said, looking right at you, and giving you a playful wink.
“What wall? And who are you winking at?” Mike asked.

“Nevermind. I guess my best theory is that when I absorbed Eve’s memories, that’s the mother I told you about, I think it created a sort of confusion or gender fluidity in me. I no longer really feel all that attached to either gender. Sometimes I want to be male. Sometimes I want to be female. And I am in the unique position of being able to satisfy either whim.” I answered.

“Want to try it?” I asked after another uncomfortable silence.
“HELL NO!” Mike insisted.
“No need to get excited. I wouldn’t force it on anyone that didn’t have it coming.” I said. “Well, what are we gonna do? Punish bad people?”
“Okay. I know SIX.” Mike said, smiling wickedly. I knew EXACTLY who he meant.

Five starters and one of the lead backups from our school’s basketball team had been acquitted earlier this year of raping Petra Van Hausen, a Swedish exchange student that literally everyone liked, Mike especially. Partly because she was so pretty, but also because she was nice to literally everyone. Girls tended not to be nice to Mike because despite being a decent looking guy, he was lewd and a bit of a spaz, and they didn’t take the time to get to know what a nice guy he was. Petra was the exception, and Mike developed a huge crush on her.

The team had gang raped and beaten her when she rejected their captain’s advances. The evidence chain on Petra’s rape kit wasn’t perfect, and so it was thrown out, making the case a she said/they said. The town backed the team because they were winners. Petra not only wasn’t vindicated, she was vilified for ‘falsely’ accusing the town sports heroes. Mike had visited her a few times before she fled back to Sweden, and saw how the incident destroyed her confidence and humiliated her.

“Fuck yeah!” I said. And just like that, we were all standing on a dock overlooking the lake. This spot was secluded, nearly ten miles from where we’d just been standing. On Friday nights it was a popular makeout spot. But it was still morning. The six players all stood motionless at attention on the dock.

“Woah. That’s going to take some getting used to.” Mike said, looking around.

“Tell us the truth about what happened with Petra.” I ordered them. I made them incapable of lying to us or disobeying us. The captain admitted to starting it, two others joined in willingly, the captain pressured the other three to join in so that they would ALL be culpable and have incentive to stick together. But it hadn’t taken much pressure.

“Your punishment, counselor?” I asked Mike.
“I don’t know. Death?” he asked, unsure of himself.
“Uh…we can do better than that.” I said. “Think about what they did to Petra. They terrified her. Abused her. Humiliated her. Death would be an easy out. Besides, as odd as it is to say, that’s a line I haven’t crossed, and would like to keep it that way. At least for now.”

“You want me to say let’s turn them into women don’t you?” Mike asked.
“Look, for macho guys that look down on women, it’s like perfect humiliation. For guys who think highly of women, it’s like a reward. Which are you six?” I asked. All six admitted that women were just sex objects to them.

“See?” I said.
“Okay, point taken, turn them into women.” Mike conceded. And I did. And stripped them naked in the process. They stood there at attention, near motionless. Mike walked over to them.

“I gotta say, you do good work.” Mike said. “Now what?”

“Now we need to figure out some kind of extra topping. Being turned into what they pity and hate isn’t enough. They would eventually adapt and probably live reasonably happy lives. Maybe you’d like to impregnate them like I did to Martha and Jamie? Or I could make their periods burn like napalm. Make them crave semen like addicts?” I suggested as examples.

Mike began circling the girls, thinking on the question. “Feel free to handle the merchandise.” I said. He started touching them, stroking them. He squeezed butts and breasts. He kissed a few. He cupped their vaginas, fingered a couple briefly. He was getting bolder with each move. I was like a super busty cheerleader, egging him on from shore.

Mike’s pants started to tent up, and I found myself watching it, and him. In this body, I was realizing that Mike was pretty attractive to me. He was my friend, so the lewd/spaz thing didn’t bother me because I knew underneath it, Mike was a sweet, stand-up guy.

I started to get a little turned on. It occurred to me that while Sophia had explored my girl body, I really hadn’t. I wanted to actually explore, not just be given orgasm after orgasm by my sex skill superpower, so I temporarily suspended it. I went over to a nearby bench overlooking the pier and sat. I wasn’t exactly a female masturbation virgin though. I had 26 years of Eve Wilkins’ memories, and I knew what her body liked.

Eve was never really into a lot of breast stuff, so I skipped that and went straight downtown. I kicked my left leg up onto the bench, lifted my shapely ass and pulled my panties down. I flipped the front of my skirt up and started touching my new vagina. It wasn’t as good as when Sophia touched it. I couldn’t help but hold myself to that unreasonable standard at first. Unreasonable since I had given Sophia my same sexual super skills.

But I felt like something else was wrong. Going straight after my pussy, with no warm up action. I began stroking my mammoth tits. I reached down into my blouse and bra, and scooped the left one out. They were heavy. I stroked my breast gently around the areola, teasing myself by not touching it directly.

I found I responded much better to this. I liked my boobs. Sure, they were ridiculously big, but that was the point. I liked them like that. Ignoring them was the wrong play. Perhaps girl-me WAS distinct from Eve after all? A topic that had concerned me, and still did.

When my nipple was sufficiently erect, I began stroking it. I gave it a sharp pinch. Still not as good as Sophia after I enhanced her, but better than Sophia before I did so. I spent several minutes just teasing my boobs. I pulled the second of my girls out to play.

I looked up for more masturbatory inspiration, and I noticed that Mike was staring at me. I didn’t say a word, but gently moved my other hand down to my crotch where I began tracing lines around my outer labia. I had no problem with him watching me jerk off. And now that I’d warmed myself up by working my udders, my pussy responded nicely.

“Can…can I help?” Mike asked.
“Despite Eve’s memories, I’ve only been a woman a few times over less than 24 hours, Mike. I’m not ready for dicks in me yet. Why don’t you play with the team some more, that’s what I’m jerking off to, anyway. You screwing with them.” I answered, as I slid my index finger between my labia.
“What about…if…if I were little? Like before?” he asked.
“Why, Michael, do you maybe have a little giantess fetish? The man who was so confused about my gender fetish?” I accused playfully.

Mike looked down as if ashamed. That wasn’t what I’d wanted. I was just trying to be playful. As soon as he looked up, I crooked my finger at him in a come hither motion. With every step he took toward me, Mike got smaller. By the time he reached the bench, he was the size of an insect. A small one.

I reached down, placing my hand on the ground next to him. He climbed, with some difficulty, into my hand. The thickness of my finger was like climbing a 10 foot wall for him. Maybe more. I brought him up to my eyeline. I whispered quietly “I’m giving myself super-hearing so I can hear what you say. The safe word is ‘Help’ or ‘That hurt, you bitch’. I figure that or anything like it is a good safe word.”

I found that I even had to control myself when whispering to him. The force of my breath as I whispered knocked him off his feet three times. He was so tiny. So weak. So completely dependent on me to be careful and not hurt him. There was nothing he could do to protect himself. It was on me to make this safe. I was a bit surprised by how big a turn on I found that to be.

I went back to stroking my clit with one hand, and placed Mike on my left breast, in a spot that, at the moment, was mostly level given my body orientation. Mike was naked, I hadn’t shrunk his clothes with him this time. I watched as he struggled on my boob. The sensation was similar to when an insect crawls on you, only softer. But I could feel no weight from him. Only the motion.

Any movement by me, no matter how small was like an epic earthquake to him. Breathing, the masturbating, if I shifted slightly for comfort. I had to watch him constantly, and literally saved his life several times by keeping him from falling.

It was hard to see, but I am pretty sure Mike was sporting a raging hard-on. As he got better at maneuvering on my tit, which had the consistency of a bouncy castle, he got braver, and ventured to the nipple. At a more severe angle here, he had to hang on desperately to the nipple to not fall to his death. I put my open palm just under my areola as a safety net. Even this fall could break bones for him if he landed wrong.

It felt kind of neat having him crawl around on my nipple. It wasn’t an intense pleasure, but the idea was driving me crazy. I licked my fingers and began rubbing my clit even harder. WOW did that feel good. Again, not as good as with Sophia, but one can’t compare ones own skills to supernatural skill. It’s not fair. I was using a circular motion that Eve liked.

As the pleasure began to build more and more, I was no longer satisfied with the little games he was playing on my nipple. He tried licking, but honestly, his tongue was so small I couldn’t feel it. He rubbed his dick against it, same complaint. I asked him to hit it as hard as he could. It felt like the gentlest of touch as he basically Mohammed Ali’d my nipple. He was so weak, he just couldn’t do anything. So why was this turning me on SO MUCH?

I realized something. It was about feeling POWERFUL. Of course, I AM powerful. I can seemingly make anything happen. But my power just happens. I don’t FEEL anything when it operates. With this, with tiny Mike on my body, I FELT powerful. And that feeling was intoxicatingly arousing to me.

I picked him up, slid my butt further down the bench so my body was more horizontal. I flipped my left leg up over the bench back, and left the right off the bench on the ground. Spread wide, I used my index and middle finger to splay my labia wide. Balancing him on two fingers, I presented him right where my clitoris was.

My clit was engorged with blood. Only a tiny bit showed outside the body, but it was sensitive. Mike got the implication and with a running jump leapt onto my clit.

“Mmmmm..” I said. How erotic it felt to have this tiny man working my clit. A clit that to him was enormous. Mike was too weak to put any serious pressure on, and that was disappointing. I remembered how hard Sophia sucked and flicked my bean, and how good it felt when done right.

But Mike’s weakness and vulnerability on my body continued to turn me on. One of the problems with Sophia, as skilled as she was, was that I am a heterosexual woman. I never turned myself into a lesbian last night. It was great sex only because of the skill I gave her. In this body, I wasn’t attracted to Sophia.

I was, however, attracted to Mike. Even as he was now. ESPECIALLY as he was now, a tiny gnat to whom a single strand of my hair would be like several hundred feet of rope. And that made such a difference. No, I didn’t cum a dozen times, but I did cum once. As Mike punched, swung from, humped, and wrestled my clit, I slid my fingers inside myself and stimulated myself as furiously as I could. I came.

As I did though, my body bucked involuntarily as I screamed in delight. I knew instantly, even through the fog of ecstasy, that there was no chance that my little man could have held on through that. I forced myself to look down. I couldn’t see. He was too small.

As electric pleasure ripped up and down my body, and I writhed uncontrollably. I knew every millisecond was important, but I was having a hard time thinking mid-orgasm. I activated my power and gave myself super speed. Not the ideal solution, in retrospect, I could have simply teleported him to safety, or made him indestructible. Like I said, hard to think when every neuron in your brain is exploding in bliss.

Still moaning, I concentrated on focusing past the pleasure. I sat up, looked about above and on the bench for him. There was no sign of him. I looked at my pussy, and confirmed he definitely hadn’t held onto my little man in the boat.

I heard Mike yelling in slow motion “Heeeellllpppp….” I looked down through the slats of the bench, the back of my brain still tingling with intense pleasure and saw him. He had fallen perfectly through a gap in the bench, and was mere inches from hitting the concrete base the bench was mounted to. Inches from certain death.

Only fractions of a second had passed since I had turned superspeed on. I was still struggling to concentrate through my amazing orgasm. But I managed to force myself down on the ground, reached my hand under the bench and pinched him ever so gingerly between my thumb and forefinger, decelerating him gradually and safely.

At which point I resumed regular speed, and stopped fighting the orgasm. “OH GOD, YESSSSS!!!” I screamed with Mike less than an arm’s length away. I had deafened him again as blood poured from his ears, the poor delicate little thing. As soon as the orgasm passed, I healed him and re-enlarged him. We sat nude together, leaning against the bench. I basked in the afterglow and cuddled with my friend, leaning my head against his masculine chest that suddenly wasn’t so tiny.

“So based on the fact that you had an orgasm that literally catapulted me into the air and I fell…what, the equivalent of 50 stories or so… and the fact that you came so hard that your climactic scream hit me like a speeding cargo train made of sound, I’m guessing you enjoyed that. Maybe you like BEING the giantess as much as I like pleasuring the giantess?” Mike said, running his finger through my long hair affectionately.

“Unlike you, I have no problem admitting that. I’m sorry you didn’t get to cum. There are six hot available naked women nearby though.” I said.
“Wait, you think I didn’t cum?” he asked.
“Of course not. You were just climbing mountains and punching my clit.” I said.
“Uh, I came on your nipple AND on your clit! I’ve never recovered so fast in my life. I was so fucking turned on. Get out your microscope. There’s a little tiny bit of semen on each. Oh no! Do you think you’ll get preggers?” Mike asked jokingly. I smacked him playfully.

“So what ARE we going to do with them?” I asked, running my hand through his chest hair.
“Let’s go with the ironic hell department. Can we make them live their lives as women, but get raped alot?” he asked.
“Easy peasy. I’ll give them a get-raped-superpower.” I said.
“Worst. Superpower. Ever.” Mike said.
“Talking to fish.” I corrected. We laughed together. Aquaman had been the butt of many jokes between us over the years. It was amazing, being a woman and having just had a sort of sex together had in no way obstructed the ease we had with each other. I…I think I kind of liked my best friend. As in LIKED him.

I applied the magic or altered reality or whatever it is that allows me to do what I do. The six of them would feel inexplicably drawn to men prone to violence against women. They could fight the urge, but only for a time and only at the margins. Like contracting a muscle. Willpower could keep it contracted after it started to hurt, but sooner or later, you had to give in.

I explained to Mike that letting them feel like they had the ability to resist would make the eventual failure to do so more humiliating. Once drawn to the man who would hurt them, they would similarly be compelled to flirt shamelessly with him, and put themselves in compromising situations. But once the rape started, all interest or compulsion would leave. They would be themselves. Men in women’s bodies being raped. But unlike real women, they would be unable to harm their attacker.

I also added various small details, like no one would ever believe they were men, their cries for help would never be answered, they couldn’t die or kill themselves except by old age, and so on. Mike raised a good point that in a way, these six rape-baits were encouraging other rapists.

“What if I make it so that every guy that rapes them contracts a non-communicable untreatable extreme STD that makes their dick painfully shrivel and fall off over the course of months. But only if it’s actually rape.” I proposed.

“You are fucking diabolical. Yeah, do that!” he said. And so it was for these six women. That was going to be the rest of their lives.

Mike and I got dressed. For me, that just meant panties, and stuffing my boobs back in my top. Mike was completely naked, and I admired the view as he got dressed.

“So can you fly?” Mike asked. I smiled, my outfit changed to a brightly colored spandex superhero outfit complete with a skirt that showed off my legs, and a plunging neckline for my tits, and a long cape. I reached my hand out for his, and we vaulted into the sky to fly back to town.

Back on the dock, finally released, six naked women suddenly began covering their exposed genitals. They had no clothes, and were miles from anything. They each felt compelled to walk in a different direction though they didn’t understand why since I had prevented them from remembering the explanation I’d given Mike. They still remembered who they had been, and why they’d been changed, but they would discover their unfortunate new superpower through experience.


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