Disobedient Nanites I

The door shut, and Andrew walked in on his roommate. She was still wearing that same shirt from last night, but was otherwise naked, scribbling notes furiously, unconcerned by my entry or her nakedness.

“Come on, Colleen, you have to at least pretend to have some feminine modesty.” Andrew said, exasperated. In truth, he loved the view. Colleen was very beautiful. He was staring longingly at that beautiful left breast that he could see clearly.

“I told you, I’m not calling myself that. I will be Colin again. I just…I need to be able to figure out what went wrong. I’ve checked and rechecked my work a dozen times. This shouldn’t have happened. I just need to put more time into it rather than wasting time dressing and undressing everytime I get overwhelmed.” Colleen said.

Colleen’s personality was difficult to predict, likely because it was still reforming after her change. She rejected the name now, yet when Andrew had left that morning, Colleen had been offended when Andrew called her Colin. But Andrew also knew of the other side of her personality. He had experienced it before. He decided not to linger, and went to get the books he came to pick up for class.

As he walked back through the living room, however, he realized he was too late. Colleen’s legs were splayed wide and she was working her clit furiously. It had only been a minute. “Yes!” she said, upon seeing him. “You will fuck me! NOW!” she said authoritatively. It wasn’t a request, or even a demand. It was a statement of what was going to happen.

Andrew dropped everything he was carrying in an attempt to make a dash for the door. He was only a few feet from it, while she was clear on the other side of the room, and seated. Yet she beat him there. Easily. No one should be able to move that fast.

“Where is my little penis going? Not trying to leave me, are you? You know how my cravings get, Andrew. You know I need it. What kind of friend would leave their friend in pain like this? What kind of man would leave a beautiful, willing, wet woman un-fucked? Fuck me Andrew. Make me cum or I’ll hurt you.” she said.

Andrew knew she wasn’t bluffing. And he knew that any attempt to fight her would be pointless. She was faster and stronger than him now. A LOT faster and stronger. And she had always been smarter and harder working.

Colin had started his nanite project with the best of intentions. It was supposed to be a curative for virtually every disease. It scanned your DNA, determined your state of ideal health, you could modify that as you saw fit, and then it would start effectively 3D-printing your body from the inside, replacing anything unhealthy with the perfect-health equivalent, getting raw materials from breaking down the unhealthy bits.

But after a few years, an administrative change in the University meant that the bureaucrats that had championed his project were replaced by ones who thought it dangerous and speculative. He lost funding. Desperate, he did what every mad scientist in every movie should have taught him not to, he used his invention on himself to prove it’s merits.

And it did work. Colin had asthma, Colleen does not. Colin walked with a limp from a car crash a few years ago, Colleen does not. Indeed, Colleen is better than perfect health. Colin needed glasses, Colleen can read the bottom line of an eye chart at 100 yards. Colin had partial hearing loss from his days in a garage band in high school, Colleen can tell you what people three apartments away are saying in their living room.

The most obvious change of course, is gender. Colin had been a tall, lanky guy with a full beard. A far cry from the 5’6″ beauty Colleen was. The nanites took just over a week to change her. During this time, as Colin became aware he was changing, he tried to deactivate them, but all of his failsafes failed. The nanites disobeyed.

By the time he was she, the nanites had made other improvements. In addition to what was above, Colleen was strong. Her muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons…every system in her body was getting stronger, more efficient. One night, to test her strength, they went out ot the parking lot and she lifted the front end of a pickup truck over her head. She said it wasn’t even all THAT taxing, she could probably do more.

Her reaction times were virtually zero. Her balance was perfect. Agile. Fast. Really, everything about her was supercharged. Including some things one might not WANT supercharged. The nanites simply thought they were making her better, probably.

Colleen’s libido was out of control. She needed sexual satisfaction, namely an orgasm, dozens of times a day. After cumming, she could focus on the task of fixing her nanites for awhile, but inevitably, the lust would take her, and when it did, it was like she was a different person.

The normally introverted, nerdy Colin had mostly become a nerdy introverted Colleen. But not when the lust hit her. She became aggressive, confident, arrogant, perverted, and more than a little sadistic and abusive. She was a sexual predator. She couldn’t help herself. She described it in Freudian terms as if the ego and superego simply fell away and left her this perfect Id monster, unable to even conceive of the idea of doing anything but satisfying her immediate wants, urges, and whims.

Andrew had been raped by her a few times already. She always cried and apologized after sanity returned to her. Andrew knew she meant it, too. Colleen had offered to move away, somewhere she couldn’t hurt people, especially Andrew. But they both knew that would be pointless. The lust would drive her back to populated areas and she would just spend even LESS time trying to fix the problem.

None of that was meaningful now, as Andrew was facing an aroused Colleen. “Fine, fine, just be gentle with me okay, I’ve still got bruises from last time.”

Colleen threw him to the ground. “You don’t tell me what to do, male! Your role in this world is to fill me with your seed. You will do so in the manner of MY choosing.” She reached down as tore his jeans off of him like they were made of tissue paper.

He was hard as a rock. He hated admitting it, but Colleen had made him realize how arousing he found being dominated to be. She squatted down on him. There was no need for foreplay, they were both ready. Colleen lined up and let his cock slide up into her. She began rising and falling on him. Her vaginal muscles squeezed him so tight he thought his cock might pop like balloon.

Colleen was also superhumanly sensitive. She writhed and moaned like crazy at every motion. But Andrew knew from experience, she wasn’t going to cum fast. He needed to hold it. It was so good though. He tried with every ounce of his will to hold on.

But Andrew failed. He spewed everything he had into her. It was an incredible orgasm, as all of them with her were. But even as he finished pumping the last of his semen into her, he knew he was in trouble. Colleen hadn’t cum. And that was the point of this exercise, to make HER cum. His orgasm was not.

“You worthless, weak little shit!” she screamed at him in frustration.

“No, Colleen, please! I didn’t mean to! It’s just…when you squeeze me like that it’s like you’re the best, tightest girl in the world. It’s amazing! Nobody could last long like that!” Andrew begged, knowing what was coming.

But she was unimpressed. Thankfully, she punched him in the mouth first, hard enough that he was instantly concussed. He barely remembered the rest of the beating she gave him. He knew that as he came back to his senses, he was in IMMENSE pain. Arms and legs had been snapped like toothpicks, ribs shattered. He thought his feet were pointing 180 degrees the wrong way. He was dying as blood bubbled up out of his mouth.

And he watched her, mostly because that’s the direction his head was pointed and he wasn’t strong enough to move it. He watched her sitting on the floor in front of him, masturbating to his soon-to-be corpse. Getting off on his pain. His agony. Finally, she came.

And in an instant, her facial expressions turned back to normal. “NO! ANDY!!!” she screamed as the rational part of her mind reasserted itself. She was Dr. Jekyll again, but it was too late. He was doomed. Or so he thought.

At a speed no normal person could even contemplate moving, Colleen darted into her bedroom and was back with a syringe. “Oh, god, Andy! I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean it! I swear! Oh, god, please be in time…” she cried as she plunged the syringe into Andrew. Andrew knew what was in that syringe. Colleen laid over top of him crying and sobbing.

But the nanites were already doing their jobs. All his blood loss stopped on a dime as he clotted extra fast. His marrow became supercharged and began replacing the blood lost. The new blood was more efficient. Within moments, he was stable, and no longer in danger of death. He could actually feel the little machines knitting his bones back together, repairing skin, blood vessels, nerves. The pain faded quickly, but it wasn’t numbness, he could feel the damage still there, being worked on, the nanites simply lowered the intensity to keep him from being hurt.

“Am I…are they…I don’t want to be a girl!” Andrew said, stuttering.
“YOU’RE ALIVE!!! Oh, thank god!” Colleen said, smothering me with kisses, her naked tits hanging more or less right in my eyeline.
“Colleen. Am I going to become female?” Andrew asked again, a bit stronger already.

“I…I honestly don’t know. I still don’t understand why they did to me what they did. They should have just read my DNA and extrapolated the ultimate healthy me. But they did so much more, like they read my mind and twisted what I….” and Colleen suddenly went silent, realizing she’d said more than she meant.

“Read your mind?” Andrew asked. Colleen looked embarrassed.

“I…yes. I have long fantasized about being a woman. And about being strong and powerful. After a life growing up as the victim of bullies, I have always either fantasized about being strong enough that no one could mess with me, or being a girl, so that the bullies would leave me alone. Yes, I know there are girl bullies too, but they’re mainly verbal. I can handle verbal. I can’t handle the beatings I used to take. The nanites seem to have granted those wishes…in excess.” Colleen explained.

“So…if I have fantasies…they’re going to come true or something? Just in some exaggerated nightmare-ish way?” Andrew asked.

“Honestly, Andrew, I simply don’t know. What I do know, is that the nanites will heal you. You will be in perfect health. You’ll feel better than you ever thought possible. At least physically. Maybe you’ll be in the same nightmare I am, prone to going berserk in search of sexual satisfaction. Maybe it will be something else. Maybe they’ll work as designed and it’s just some one-off failure in my batch. We’ll find out.” Colleen said.

(to be continued…unless people decide it sucks)


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