Nick Hercules

“Wow, now THAT is a pair of udders!” Greg laughed as he saw her struggling to lift the weight of just the bar and mechanism. No actual weights were attached.

“Yeah, laugh it up kid. I deserve it.” she said.

“Hey Greg, shut the hell up and show the woman some respect. I sent you over here to get some life schoolin’ from her.” David said. David was Greg’s trainer. Greg was an up and coming body builder on the circuit.

“From her? What is SHE going to teach me about body building? Cow can’t even lift the BAR dude!” Greg mocked.

David cuffed his protege. “You willing to tell your story again, Nicole?”

“He’s using it?” she asked. David nodded. Nicole sighed. “Okay kid, first question, who’s your favorite body builder ever?”

“Same as everyone, I guess. Nick Hercules. Dude was build like a tank, and his lifting records still ain’t even had anyone get close to ’em! And dude had charisma.” Greg said.

“I figured. You know how Nick Hercules got so big and so strong and so famous?” she asked.

“Yeah, everybody knows. He juiced. Rumor has it, he was the first to take The Venom.” Greg said.

“That’s right. The Venom. The most potent steroid ever discovered. Stuff is powerful. And expensive. Even without exercise, a man takes Venom and he gets buff and strong. Women too, just less so.” Nicole asked.

“And the more you take, and the more you workout to maximize the effect of the drug, the more dramatic the side effects are. You see, I know because I used to take it. In fact, I was the first to take it. I got the purest, most uncut doses of Venom ever.”

“What? Baby, your arms is like toothpicks. No way you ever took Ven…wait, did you say you were the first?” Greg asked.

“Good catch. Maybe you’re not an idiot. That’s right. I was Nick Hercules. What you’re looking at is the reason I retired from the circuit so young. These…udders as you called them, and the rest of my body, are the side effects of Venom.” she said. Greg looked skeptical, but he wasn’t saying anything.

“I was already a pretty good body builder. But I didn’t want pretty good. I was working harder than anyone, but my body just naturally didn’t want to carry that much muscle mass. I tried powders, the cream, the clear, HGH, everything. Then I discovered The Venom, a cocktail of rare Austrailian and African plant extracts, spider venoms, and snake venoms that combined to create the perverse effect of supercharging a person’s muscle development. I became Nick Hercules in a matter of months. My already insane workout regimen just supercharged the Venom’s effect.” she said, lifting one of her boobs with both arms because it was putting her leg to sleep resting on it.

“And it wasn’t just muscle. It enhances maleness in every way. My cock just kept getting bigger and bigger. I was shaving my face 3 and 4 times a day just to keep up. I was horny as hell, and aggressive. My manager hired a guy to follow me around with a taser to subdue me if I tried to attack anyone. And I did. A lot.” she said

“But the effect is temporary. After a few years, the Venom gets unstable and the effect radically inverts. RADICALLY inverts. I started shrinking in every dimension. No matter how hard I worked out, I got weaker and weaker. I got shorter, my dick, once so big, that sex was basically impossible, shriveled away.” she described.

Nicole tilted her body forward. The weight of her tits pulled her forward, nearly falling off the weight machine, but she used the momentum to get up to a standing position. She was no longer capable of standing on her own without this trick. Standing up, she had to lean way back in order to keep her center of gravity over her hips. She walked gingerly over to the next machine, and sat down, attempting to work her legs.

“My hips widened, my voice went up…hell, you get the point. And of course, these things grew in. And not just grew, FILLED in. I produce gallons of milk everyday. I have to pump out about every hour or so or it gets painful. And if I wait any longer, I leak. Like a lot. We’re talking drenched in milk from nipples to ankles.” she said as she futilely attempted to move the weights.

“And it doesn’t stop. I’m still getting weaker. Still getting milkier, bustier…girlier. Oh yeah, I didn’t mention that part. It starts to affect your brain. You become a cliche of femininity. Notice I wore makeup to the gym? Yeah, who does that? I do, because I can’t stop myself.” she continued.

“I cry at even moderately sad moments on TV. And the worst humiliation? I love cock. I can’t get enough. I took a job as a stripper. One of those strip clubs where the patrons all know the code words to get more than lapdance. You know what my stage name is instead of Nick Hercules? Marcia Mammories. Yeah. But I use that job to get laid. Yeah, I get money from it, but I’d do it for free just to get dick in me.” she said.

Greg looked skeptical still. “This seems pretty made up, besides, lotsa guys used Venom. Danny Strong, Paul Bunyan, and I think even Jesse Jackhammer used it.” Greg.

“Danielle, Paulina, and Jessica are all friends of mine. They aren’t as far along as I am, but they sit to pee, now. You haven’t seen any public appearances from any of them in a couple years because they’re double-Xs now, too. How much have you taken?” she asked.

“Not that much. I bought 50 doses. I’ve used about 20.” Greg said.

“Twenty!?! David, why would you bring him to me so late?” Nicole asked, chastising her former student, now Greg’s mentor.

“I didn’t know! I only found out he was using yesterday.” David said.

“What…is twenty bad?” Greg asked, getting scared as he watched Nicole hook up a breast pump to each boob and begin filling containers full of milk.

“Paulina only took fifteen. She’s actually fairly normal looking, 100% woman, but double-Ds aren’t that freakish, and she only has to pump out once a day. Danielle and Jessica both took more than you, and while they aren’t as advanced as I am, they’re closer to me than Paulina. You’ll probably end up somewhere in between them.” Nicole lamented.

“What? You’re saying I’m going to be a chick, and there’s nothing I can do about it? No treatment? No antidote?” Greg asked.

David and Nicole shook their heads. Greg stormed out of the building. “Well, at least the kid won’t take no more Venom.” David said. “Thanks Nicole.”

“Actually, David…there is something you could do for me. I have been laid in almost four hours, and I’ve got the worst case of blue balls right now. Could you maybe…” Nicole asked suggestively.

“Nicole, you know I’d do almost anything for you. But I am a happily married man.” David begged out before walking away.

“Oh yeah…yeah, definitely. Wouldn’t want you to cheat on Liz. God, you’d think it wouldn’t be so hard to give my goddamn pussy away.” Nicole said in frustration after David was out of earshot.


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