That strange yet familiar feeling

Brandon jumped up out of bed. Something was wrong. His room looked ….. different. He turned around and peered out the blinds of the window behind his bed to confirm his location. Yes, he was in the same house. The lawn looked the same and his neighbors’ houses were still surrounding him. But his room had changed. It looked more …. feminine.

Brandon was still trying to put his finger on exactly what was different when he noticed that his clothes had also changed. He was still wearing his superhero pajamas, but his pants had been altered into some kind of bikini brief. And his shirt had changed into a tight, sleeveless crop top. It was like something a girl might wear, almost like a …. sports bra?

Brandon peaked down his shirt and saw two moderately sized breasts. He quickly reached into his underwear and felt his groin, confirming his fears – his penis was gone.

He was a girl.

Brandon wasn’t too shocked by this development. He had acquired a magic wishing stone, and from the stories he had read he knew that wishes could often have unexpected results. Last night Brandon had used the wishing stone to try to become more popular at school. Apparently the stone had interpreted his wish very loosely, changing him into an attractive young girl so he would be more well-liked by the other students.

Brandon didn’t feel like panicking, at least not yet. He could still use the wishing stone to clean up this mess. But first he had to find it. The last place he remembered using it was in the den. He ran there as quickly as he could, bumping into his mother as she was walking down the hall.

“What are you wearing? Really, dear, I wish that you would act more like a girl your age, like a proper young lady,” said Brandon’s mother.

Brandon had heard this complaint many times before, when he was still an immature young man. But this time he felt a shiver run down his spine. Because he saw that his mother was holding the wishing stone in her hand and had unknowingly made a disastrous wish.

Brandon grabbed his head as new thoughts, memories, ideas, and feelings began to flood his mind. He fought to keep them out, trying desperately to maintain control. But as they slowly seeped in, they began to make more sense. He gradually accepted them as natural and normal.

“You know what? I think you are right, Mom. I think I will get rid of these old pajamas right now. Do you think we can go shopping for some new ones together after school?” said Brandon hopefully.

Brandon’s mother smiled, pleased for the opportunity to bond with her rebellious daughter. “I think that would be lovely.”

Brandon blushed a little. “Do you think I could get a new dress, too? I have a date with Bobby on Friday and I want to look nice for him.”

“Really? And who is this Bobby? I certainly would like to meet him, ” said Brandon’s mother. Her smile grew wider. Her tomboy daughter was finally growing up, right before her. It almost brought a tear to her eye. “We’ll talk about it after school. But I am sure we can work something out.”

Brandon thanked his mother with a kiss and ran back to his room so he could get dressed for school, just like the good daughter his mother had wished for.


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