The medallion

I found a medallion on a bench in the park. It had a green stone in the middle and a golden outer rim. I waited for a while to return it to the owner. But no one showed up. I took it home, “maybe I can give it as a gift later on” I thought.

Once I got home, I tried the medallion on. In an instance, I was transformed from my geeky self into a really hot woman. I quickly took it off, but I was still a woman. I started hyperventilating. “Ok, lets try this again” I said with a really sexy voice. As I put the medallion on again. I transformed back into my male self. “I wonder” I tried the medallion on and off several times. Each time to the same effects, man, woman, man, woman, and so on.

After becoming myself again, “I won’t give this to anyone”. I went to bed. The next day I invited my best friend Amy to my home. “I think you are going to like what I found” I told her. Amy has been my friend for at least 10 years, she is really hot, but she’s not into men. So I figured that maybe she would want to become a man.

Once we got to my place, we locked ourselfs in my room. “Look” I said, as I grabbed the medallion and placed it on my neck. Once again, I was transformed into a woman. “Wow! you are hot! is this the medallion’s doing?”, “yes” I nodded. “I thought you might want to use it to turn yourself into a man” I said as I took the medallion off.

“You sure are silly! yes I am into women. But who says I want to be a man? but maybe…” She took the medallion off my hands, and put it in her backpack. She then got some really big white and pink electrical thing, which at the time I didn’t know what it was. “Undress yourself” she said. Although a little reluctant, I agreed, “ok, but only if you do so too”. “Yes I am, that’s the idea” she said.

We jumped into bed, she got the pink and white thing over my pussy. I felt myself get wet. “did you just moaned?” Amy asked me. I was ashsmed to accept it, “a little… i think”. She then continued doing her thing. I was moaning, I started thrusting without even realizing it. She then sat on top of me, and placed her also wet pussy over me. I could feel hers throbing, it was the best feeling i’ve ever had. We kissed each other. She thought me stuff I had no idea about.

Afterwards she asked me “So? how does it feel to be a lesbian?”, All I could say was “just… just GREAT!”. “If you want I can give you the medallion back and turn into a man, but I am pretty sure that once you go lesbian there is no turning back” She was right, I didn’t want to be a geek again. That very same day I moved to her place. I assumed a new identity, I now go by Kim. And I couldn’t be happier. We love each other very much.

A few months later, we were jogging in the park, and decided to leave the medallion on a park bench. I know it will help another couple soon enough.


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