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A Different Way

Donovan was going into the last couple weeks of his senior year of college, but he was increasingly uncertain that he’d chosen the right career. Doubt and worry plagued his every waking moment, and even seeped into his dreams. One night, as he lay in bed, just before he went to sleep. he rubbed the lucky coin he’d been given on his first day of college by his grandfather and whispered “I wish I could see what’s down other paths. How my life would be different. Just to know I made the right choices.” The coin glowed softly in response, not that Donovan noticed, having passed out. Read more

Ironic Punishments Department

Frank hadn’t been a very confident guy. Even an insecure guy, at that. Unfortunately, that insecurity had displayed itself as aggressive tendencies, which in turn developed into outright asshole behavior. Even evil behavior, when he bullied another man into killing himself. Or at least it had until he had suddenly died in a car crash. His behavior lead to a posting rather south of the border, where he learned his punishment was to be to help guys like he had been learn to head onto the right path. Unfortunately, he had to do so as a girl. A smoking hot one. And he had strict instructions to use the….ahem….feminine charms to his advantage. An ironic punishment indeed.

The Kid

Andrew hadn’t really wanted a kid. He’d thought he’d made that abundantly clear to everybody, including his girlfriend. And they’d always taken precautions. But accidents happened. Andrew, however, hadn’t wanted to accept that. When his girlfriend had brought news that she was pregnant, he panicked. He holed up in an apartment with a old college buddy of his and gone of the grid. Felicia had tracked down, somehow. She was a witch, and a powerful one at that—though human transformation spells weren’t exactly complicated if you had magical abilities, and indeed were among the first things young witches and wizards were taught, although subtleties were another story. Read more

Festival of the Sun

Southern California had always been a lot more trendy and “multi-culti” than a lot of other places, and Aztec “Festival of the Sun” fairs had really caught on there—minus the human sacrifice, of course. In fact, the Festival of the Sun was almost more like a cross between a renaissance fair and a trendy twenty first century take on Aztec life—-they even had jousting! Read more

Cold War Games

A big part in throwing suspicion off an agent is giving them a legitimate reason to be acting suspicious. A married man routinely checking behind him for tails is suspicious, especially if he’s only a “cultural attache”. On the other hand, if he appears to be married, and he’s found to be having an affair…..well then, that is a totally different story. Read more

Hot One

I strutted down the runway,stroking my long hair in the process. Even six months ago, the footwear would have given me trouble, but now I handled the heels like a pro. The dress and the coat clung to my body, accentuating the curves. I was feeling good. I had recently added blonde highlights to my brunette hair—a sure sign I was getting used to my new from. Being a wizard forced into a female body to avoid my enemies sucked, but hey, if I was going to be a girl, I was going to be a hot one.

Spreading Their Legs

Michael smirked as he frantically ran his hand up and down his boner. “Get ready, ladies….” he murmured. There was no reaction from the two naked girls on the bed that would indicate they knew they were Michael’s roommates before he’d altered reality and used his new spell to turn them into what they were; all there was was two vacant, pleased smiles. The girls spread their legs in preparation. They’d be doing a lot of that……