The impersonator

When I heard a loud electric sound. Kind of like a ray gun, I hid inside my closet. What I saw while I was in there, shocked me even more. I saw a humanoid figure holding what looked like a bodysuit. He started to put it on. I saw him adjust it. He, or whatever it was looked distracted, so I got out of the closet silently and headed to the door. But he noticed me and looked back at me.

He didn’t look like a he anymore, it was a she, well, she looked like my sister to be precise. Her body had some seams, which were slowly closing. “Hey John, where are you going?” she said with a monotone voice. I started to hyperventilate. “Did you see me get dressed?” she asked. I didn’t respond, I didn’t know what to say. “Too bad, I always liked you” she said while pulling out a raygun of her purse, she quickly pushed the trigger. I felt my body deflate, I became a bodysuit myself.

She picked me up, and put me on the closet. “Maybe I’ll wear you tomorrow” she smiled. “For now, Being your sister will do” she said as she closed the door leaving me hanging inside.


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