Unexpected pleasures.

Simon was shocked to find himself suddenly in the body of a gorgeous blonde haired woman who was in the middle of being screwed by a man in the shower.

It wasn’t the fact that he was now a woman or that he was being screwed that surprised him the most it was the fact that he was standing up.

Simon was paralysed from the neck down caused by a car accident over 10 years ago.

Simon did not struggle or try to fight the man off he just let him get on with what he was doing as this was the first time Simon had felt anything in years.

After the man shot his load Simon got out of the shower unsteady on his new legs & collapsed on the bed in a hormonal sea of bliss.

Later that day he confess to the man who he was.

Which was a bit of a relief for the man as he did not know who he was now.

One minute he was a woman doing the shopping & the next she was a man in the shower screwing a woman and was overwhelmed by the experience to stop.

Later that day they found out it was thanks to the great shift and they weren’t sure what to do next but may be taking another shower would help.


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