My own girl

“Hey Tina, yeah, i’m alright. Yup, just watching some tv. I know, it’s really weird to be in your body but i’m doing fine. How are you? Ok, that’s good. No, i’m alone, your parents went out. Yeah, i also would love to get my body back but we still don’t know what caused this. What?! Of course not! How you could even think i’m able to do that. Ok sorry, it’s just i’m freaking out about being a girl. Ok see you soon. Bye”
Mike hung up and put back Tina’s phone. “Was it Tina?” His friend James asked. “Yeah, just a daily cheek up” Mike said, completely naked, sitting on his friend with his cock still inside his pussy. “So, what were we doing” James said. “Whatever you want” Mike came down from James cock and took it in his hand. “So i guess we start from the begining” James smirked.
He still couldn’t belive that his friend was so eager to do all this things. When Mike found out James can swap peoples bodies he pleaded him to make him swap with a hot girl. James told him he will use his power but Mike will have to obey him. After swapping Mike with their classmate Tina, Mike kept his promise and now he was doing everything James wanted, without any objections. Finally the power paid off and James had now a sexy girl who will satisfy his needs.


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