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The impersonator

When I heard a loud electric sound. Kind of like a ray gun, I hid inside my closet. What I saw while I was in there, shocked me even more. I saw a humanoid figure holding what looked like a bodysuit. He started to put it on. I saw him adjust it. He, or whatever it was looked distracted, so I got out of the closet silently and headed to the door. But he noticed me and looked back at me. Read more

Results may vary

Although there is always one constant, the results usually vary. A few months ago I bought a gender swap gun. Back then I didn’t even know what I was buying, but it was cheap, and it looked like a scifi gun. And being the big collector I am, I bought it without hesitation. I pretend shot my friend James with the gun, in no time, I saw him transform from a 25 year old man, into a really hot 22 year old redhead. She didn’t remember James at all, she acted like she had always been a woman named Jane. But about 3 hours later, she reverted back to her maleself. James was unaware of what had happened. Read more