The foursome

I was out of town. I was sent to the best places on earth, but sadly I was sent there for work. I couldn’t believe it, the beach was full of really hot girls, but I were to be at the office 20/7, and the remaining 4 hours, I would sleep at my hotel room.

One afternoon, I was able to get out of work early. When I entered my room, I found a rabbit’s foot lying over my bed with a note. “You look tired, you need to rest, and party”. I leave you this rabbit’s foot. It is worth one wish. Wish wisely.” I dismissed the foot as some kind of a joke. I took a nap. When I woke up, I saw the note again, I looked out the window, and I saw three really hot girls. They were dressed in pink bikinis. That’s when I realized I wanted to have a foursome with them. I grabbed the rabitt’s foot, “I want to know what it is to be with three girls at the sametime.”

I expected them to turn around and come back to my room, but I saw them walk away. “Stupid rabbit’s foot” I said while throwing it out the window. I then felt light headed, my body started hurting. I felt my hips crush, my chest expand into breasts, I could feel my whole body arranging itself. When it was over, I was a woman, inside and out. I lloked at my mirror, I was a blonde girl. I was wearing a white top, and a pink bottom. I felt something weird on my breasts, I moved my top, and saw I had a couple of pink buttlerflies painted on my nipples. “The girl’s most be lesbians, maybe the only way I could be with them for a foursome is if I am too a giiiirr” I couldn’t even finish the sentence, when I felt my body ache again. This time it was different.

I saw my left hand split, I now had three hands, I looked at my right hand and it split too. In a few seconds I had double of everything, It was weird looking through four eyes. Then it happened, I split. I was looking at a new girl, a really hot brunette. But the weird part, was that I could see my current blonde self too. I was looking at the world from two different perspectives. It was really weird. “This will take some time getting used to” I said used both of my new bodies. My new me was wearing a black top and leggings, and a pink bottom. I was really hot, since there is two of me, double hot.

I concentrated, and tried to speak from only one me. “I guess there is still one more of us to go” I said from my blonde self. I felt one of my bodies ache again, I could feel myself splitting again, while I could also see it from my otherself. In a minute or so, there were three of us. “I am Ana” the last me said, in that body I was a really hot latina girl, and I found that name fitting to my new me. The second me said “I am Amy. I’ve always liked that name”. And last, the blonde me said “And I guess I will be Kim”.

I practiced for a while walking and talking in three different bodies. I got accustomed rather quickly. I started thinking of each personality as a different person. “So, now what are we going to do? We were supposed to have sex with three women, not be the three women!”, “Well, we can still do it”, “Yes, we should go to the beach! maybe we can meet a guy and have a foursome with him”, “Or three guys!”

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to have a conversation with my threeselfs. And was even more amazed at how we were three straight girls. We exited the room, and walked to the beach we knew what we were looking. And tonight, we were all to lose our virginity.


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