Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Fred could not believe this is what he had been reduced to as he walked out into the dining room full of paying customers feeling ridiculous in his work uniform if you could call it a uniform.

Ever since becoming a woman in the great shift everything had gone to the wall.

It had been over 8 months since he had put a claim in and even though the government have accepted that he is who he says he is he still had not received the paperwork so had no access to his funds or apartment and until his paperwork had come through he could not even return to his old job so his boss had to let him go.

So with no identification no money and nowhere to live he was reduced to working under the counter for less than the minimum wage relying on customer tips to get by.

Living in a cheap motel room with 3 other girls 2 were born female and 1 which was turned into a girl like he was by the great shift.

He was just hoping he was not going to have to resort to other ways of earning a little extra money like a couple of the girls round here have already done just hoping that his paperwork came through and he could get out of this living nightmare before things got more desperate.


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