Hotel room

I was totally beat after the long trip to the city were we would have our meeting. At least we would get a nights rest before the meeting kicked off.
More or less sleepwalking across the hotel corridor I managed to find my room number, fumbling with my keycard and open up the door.
When I entered the room I was startled by the sight of a practically naked girl sitting on the bed.
“Oh crap. I`m so sorry! The reception said the room was empty”.
The girl said nothing, staring on the wall in front of her.
She just sat there as if she was cataconic, staring at the wall.
“Are you okay, miss?”
Still no reaction from her. She must have been through something terrible.
“Miss, my name is Matt. What´s yours?”
I slowly neared her not to frighten her.
“It´s okay”, I said putting my hand on her shoulder as a comfort.

To my great suprise my hand phased into her, it was inside her body! When I yanked it out again I was met with resistance in the same kind of way when you try to part two magnets. It took some force but I managed to break free.
And the girl still sat there staring at the wall, seemingly oblivious to what just had happened.
I waved my hand in front of her face. No reaction.
I snapped my fingers close to her ears. Still no reaction.
Intrigued I put my other hand on the other shoulder. The same thing happened again. I had my hand inside of her a longer time now and I could feel a force pulling me. I pulled out again.
My curiosity increased. What would happen if I placed my hand on hers? So I tried.
The hand got sucked right in when I placed it on hers. What freaked me out was that I was moving her fingers.
It was even harder this time to free myself from her. I had to brace myself against the bed with a leg.

I studied the girl for at least half an hour. She was young and beutful. My fingers danced over her body, feeling the pull of the force inside. Her skin was unblemished. She felt like the epitome of perfection.
I wondered…
….what would happen if I sat down on her.

Me, a middle-aged guy with a beginning beer gut, sitting down on a small and slender girl. What would happen?
The tension grew. I wanted to know so bad. I had practically stopped breathing when I took the decision.
So I stood up. Placing myself standing in front of her, with my back to her.
I gulped.
Then I just relaxed my legs and fell backwards.

The unseen force gripped me and pulled me in. It was like diving into a deep pool of black water. You couldn´t see anything, you were surrounded by something and you knew you had to find your way to the surface.
I came back to the land of the living, as if air was filling my lungs for the very first time.
Panting hard I soon noticed the locks of brown long hair hanging down in front of my face.
The hand that brought the strand of hair back to behind the air was dainty and manicured.
I listened to myself and heard the soft inhalations and exhalations of a female breathing.
Looking down I saw two orbs of flesh encased in fabric, the same kind the girl had.
Even further down I saw that anything that could have passed as an male reproductive organ was gone, there were only flatness.

In front of the mirror the girl in the reflection mimiced every mode I made, every face I did.
So this was me now.
A young and brown haired beutiful girl, free to create her own future.


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