The First Caption Writing Experience

I was just like you, trying to get through the day, getting through reality until you suddenly get excited when it’s that time of night when it’s just you and your imagination go wild. When I mention getting excited and letting your imagination go wild, I mean, getting horny and imagination that you where the opposite sex. It’s not a secret, we all love doing that I do too. I used to almost every night read TG captions to bed or anything else TG related, I bet you guys do the same.

I used to just read, and then think to myself how to make (as an example) this person’s caption better or just put myself in their shoes and imagine the transformation happening to me. Now I decided from just being a reader, I would like to contribute my creative and dirty ideas to the TG community, so I joined TG captions as a writer and wrote my first caption and got an email from OTGC. They were congratulating me for joining as a writer and for my first caption (It was a nice feeling).
After I got the first email, I got a second one in the promotion category. Wondering why that is I open it up and see it saying “You have completed your first caption, you are now eligible to use our transformation software to enhance your performance as a writer on OTGC.” At first I thought this was a joke or some stunt by the website because I’m a logical person I need some pretty good evidence before I start believing something is true.
I decided to click on the link to enter the transformation software and it asked me for my login info and typed it in. It had all of my info about my account on the website and some new info about the supposed transformation history. Obviously it was empty except that it read my real life body was the only thing there. It had a notification on top where it said, “You have yet to transform, click here to do so.” I did, being very skeptical. It even gave me an option to choose how to transform. Since it was the first time, I didn’t have many options, but I chose the one of the girl in my caption.

It said one last step which was to click on the big button to transform now. I thought I would get a virus, and it looked like it at first. Right after I clicked it, the mouse got the loading icon for a little bit then my computer screen froze and went to black. I was really scared at that point thinking it was a virus, but as I leaned to push the power button on my computer I felt a strong force push me back in my chair further from my computer. It felt like I got the wind knocked out of me.

I feel light headed look around, to see nothing that could’ve created that force on me. Then I felt the top of my head get warmer and feel something moving. I realize that it’s my hair and it’s growing. At that point I start to believe that magic is real and OTGC means business. I notice my hair get to my eyesight and start to go even lower. Something odd looked with my hair so I took a close look at it, and it seemed to be darker than usual since I’m a dirty blonde, but since it start reaching down to my shoulders I wasn’t dirty blonde no more, it was dark brown and still getting darker. It finally became completely black until my hair reached about 10 inches below my shoulders.

After touching and feeling my hair, I notice that I feel like I just came back from the shower, but dry already and that my desk and chair seem bigger to me slightly. I stand up and look around to notice everything is the same way and I come to the conclusion that I lost a couple of inches, I was originally 6” and now I’m probably 5”8’. When my hair was changing I was getting a little scared but now I was kind of more and more excited to see if I can completely transform.

When I was losing height and my hair was getting longer I noticed that my face was feeling a little cold (like a mint in your mouth) and moved around a very little tiny bit. Now it just felt sore and thought that my face might not look like my face anymore. I take my hand and cover my face trying to notice any new details, I only noticed on the eyebrows and the eyelashes, the rest I needed to see. I also noticed that my Adam’s apple was smaller, I said something short to test my voice, and I sounded like I was in 6th grade with all the voice cracks.

I decided since I’m still changing, I walked to my bed and started undressing. When I took off my shirt, the first thing I noticed was all of my body hair was gone, nothing left of that (I thought to myself that they must’ve retracted and helped with my hair growth on my head). Then I noticed my nipples where bigger than they were, about 30% bigger. The third thing I noticed was that my stomach was much more narrow than before, I was skinny before but this was more narrow for the hour glass figure I was guessing. Then I took off my pants and the same thing I noticed was the hair gone, and then I noticed my legs where a little bit longer with a more of a feminine shape.

I was feeling my legs, they were surprisingly smooth, and then I felt a pain in my back and arched a little bit backward and fell onto my bed, even my spine starting going feminine. I was on my bed with my hair everywhere, and was trying to guess what was next to change. Then I felt pain in my hips and felt it growing and getting wider to feminine proportions. After that I felt my ass inflate a little bit to fully make my ass sexy and right to hold a future baby. Unexpectedly after that noticed that my dick became rock hard really fast and out of the random, I wasn’t really that horny yet, just more amazed then I noticed how much blood was going through and it was sort of twitching, but not the normal behavior you would usually get. Then after that, I started to feel a weight on my chest, and then it spread into two weights. My whole body started getting warm and I started getting really horny.

I cupped my chest above my even bigger nipples now, very huge with a new circumference and area (what I can’t involve some math?). I start feeling a ballooning effect around my two nipples and feel them growing outward. At the same time I feel my dick twitching more, but it became slightly smaller. I still had my hands cupped and finally caught my barely A cup breasts growing. In my mind I was very horny and excited right now, I was actually growing tits and my dick is getting smaller and smaller! I feel my breasts reach to B cups and look down to see, soon I good cleavage is going to appear and completely block my view of anything past that.

I start to caress my breasts and it felt as good, even better when I masturbated as a guy. Two boobs, twice the feeling. I was getting so intense with the pleasure I started to moan, and the second I heard me moaning, I quickly covered my mouth in shock. That was me! I sounded so cute and sexy, but a little bit older as well. I still couldn’t believe it! My moaning got my even more turned on and noticed that my tits where already at C cups and my dick was more than half the size it was. Getting more and more intense down there, I took my right hand inside my underwear and grab my dick, feeling it shrink while at the same time I was caressing my breast. I moaned even more as I felt my dick getting smaller and started feeling my organs rearrange inside to form my new pussy and urethra.

My breasts stopped growing to about a 34C cup, as I would like to call, not huge but a comfortable big. While my dick on the other hand was now smaller than a micro penis and already starting to form my brand new pussy. I moaned even more than before the more my dick was building my vagina. The feeling is very unimaginable, and finally enough I had a new pussy that was actually mine! I was so excited that it was already wet and I was already fingering myself. Knowing that I finally finished, I was already moaning loud just by caressing my tit and fingering myself. I had a little sanity left it me to not cum yet until I see my new sexy self. I wanted to continue fingering, but I stopped, got up and noticed I’m not the only one who changed, my clothes change into black lingerie and my underwear turned into a black pair of panties and I didn’t even notice that.

I put on my lingerie and walk into another room in my house with a huge mirror on the wall in it, and I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t look anything like my old me, but it also felt this is me, but in my female form even though many features are way more different than before. I froze in the mirror inspecting every part of my new body, feeling very comfortable in it. I was glad to call it mine. I was thinking if I saw a girl like this right now, I would have a boner right now, but I didn’t really feel that way anymore. I guess my mind also changed during my transformation. Makes sense since I was a straight man, I would be a straight women, and I got all new sexual perspectives. I could even feel my pussy getting wet; I had a new craving, like something was empty and needed to be filled, needed protection, needed love.

After the all of that, I went back to my room, undressed and got under the sheets and started playing with myself. I was imagining a dick to be in my wet pussy. I was fingering myself for a while and noticed something was on my bed next to me and I saw it was a women’s sex toy, a dildo. I instantly got a smile on my face and shoved that thing in my pussy, and not just moaned, but screamed a little bit with my new sexy voice and feel asleep. That was the most awesome experience I ever had. I was very grateful that I was able to become a woman and feel that.


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