The dominant bastard gets her just desserts

“Well, well, guess the shoe is on the other foot now, isn’t it, my darling husband?” my wife looked down at me and smirked. “You always did love those bondage games, didn’t you? Now it’s your turn to get tied up and taken advantage of, whether you want it or not.”

I tried to reason with her. “Sweetie, please, untie me! I’m so so sorry! I promise, I’ll never ask to tie you up ever again!” She only looked down and reached for the duct tape. “Now that is enough of that, young lady!” She taped my mouth shut and held my chin in her hand.

“I’m sure you’re gonna be a hit with the boys when they show up. If you’re a good girl, and do what you’re told, and you don’t try to tell them who you really are, maybe I’ll turn you back into a man when they’re done.” she said with a smile.

“Or maybe I’ll tell them myself. They never really liked you much anyway. You always were an asshole to them. They’d get a kick out of fucking you as a pretty little girl. You know, there’s really no reason I couldn’t just sell you to some bondage queen or dominant bastard like you were. My options are totally open.”

She got an evil grin on her face then. “I think maybe it’s time I found a new man. And one for you too.”


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