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Playing Chicken

We hadn’t known what we were messing with when we found it. It looked like a cheap fake gem you’d expect to see in prop pirate treasure, much too large an gaudy for anybody to actually wear unironically. When I best to pick it up, I realized it definitely wasn’t fake. It was much to hard and hefty to be any sort of glass or plastic, and way it reflected the light was wholly unlike anything I’d seen before. I realized this was definitely intended to be shown off. Maybe it would look better on a chain? Read more


Andy couldn’t believe it. He had become Andrea due to a foolish dare. He never anticipated he, she, would be be squatting on the side of the road desperately urinating. Andrea was unsure of what to do. It wasn’t something Andy had experience in. She slipped her jeans down and gently squatted. Then the oozing warm liquid fired out her pussy like a cannon. She was intrigued by this flow and never had urine been so interesting. Wow, being a girl is definitely different thought Andrea.

The Dare

I was out at the bar with my friend Tim. We go out often to pick up girls but never succeed. This is partly because we are both shy and are terrible at approaching girls, but we keep trying. I was sick and tired of never taking that chance and going up and talking to girls and I told Tim that tonight I was going to make something happen. There was this super hot girl at the bar ordering a drink. She appeared to be alone and I turned to Tim and said when I point to you, just wave. Read more