The couple

Wow. It felt so amazing. Literally all my attention was concentrated down “there”. What the heck, I´m a man now. Cock. There, I said it.
I feel so in charge, sliding my cock in and out of my old body. So this is how being in domination feels like? To be the one that penetrates instead of being penetrated?
Jake, my boyfriend that currently inhabit the body that I´m currently pounding (I look good from this vantage point. Always thought my butt looked too big) wasn´t too keen on swapping bodies. He told me he was quite content in his current one (no wonder, I like it here too).
What do a curious woman do in situations like those? Well, she ignore him and do it anyway. So I cast the spell from the spellbook I had found.
After the swap he looked suprised at first, then he got angry on me, calling me childish and not respecting his wishes. The following discussion only made things worse and then he barricaded himself in the toilet. Guess those female hormones was getting to him.
But I didn´t want my adventure to end just there, I was still curious, so I picked up the spell book again and began to flip through the pages. After a while I found something that indicated that the target of the spell would become more compliant with the spellcaster. Exactly what I needed! Spilling no time I set up the candles, outlined the proper symbols with chalk and then incanted the spell. A rush of wind went through the room, but other than that I didn´t notice any special. But I had nothing to lose to try it out.
“Jake! Come down here”, I yelled upstairs.
A couple of seconds later I heard how the lock clicked and the door opened. Jake in my body came down the stairs. “What?!”, he said with an angry voice.
“Oh, honey, don´t be angry on me. I was just curious”. Here we go again, same discussion one more time. Sigh…
“Okay. I can´t be angry on you”. He even smiled a little. “Oh, what did just happen?”, Maya thought. “He was furious just seconds ago. Maybe that “compliant” part in the spell book was more powerful than I thought? Wonder if I can bring this to the next level?”.
“Honey…”, Maya started, “I want you to have sex with me”.
Something clicked inside Jake before he answered: “I want to have sex with you too”.
“You want? Of course you want! That body is helluva horny! I know from first-hand experience”, Maya said cheerfully, happy that her wish finally would come true.
Jake´s demenor seemed to change all of sudden. His movements became more calculated and he had this look on his face that just screamed: “Give me all you got!”
Not saying anything he took Maya´s hand and led her into the bedroom and crawled up the bed giving Maya a “come hither” with his finger. She felt how her body trembled in anticipation. At the same time she decided she wanted the full experience of being the man.
“Jake, what sex position do you like the most as a man?”
“Doggy style”, came the answer.
“Doggy style?”, she pondered. Sure, why not? “Jake, I want to do it doggy style on you. Get on all fours for me”.
Jake did as he was told. He placed himself on all four, with his plump ass facing Maya´s dick.
“This will be so great!”, she mused, and began to guide her cock into her former snatch. It was wet and her erect dick entered the whole way in without a problem. Her balls now rested against Jake´s butt and she savored the feeling of having her dick surrounded by tight warm flesh. Jake moaned in agreement.
Before she pulled out she got an idea. “Babe, I want to roleplay. From now on you are my girlfriend Maya and I`m your boyfriend Jake. Ok?”
“Ok, Jake”, `Maya´responded in a hushed voice.
`Jake`started to piston his dick in and out of `Maya´s´ pussy, grunting from the effort. `Maya´ on the other hand was letting out high moans.
“Wow, you really like this”, `Jake´ said while grabbing her buttcheeks to make it easier to control her movements. Now she was moaning like possessed.

Their session continued for several hours. Every time `Jake´ needed to get hard again he ordered ´Maya` to take care of it.
Eventually both of them were spent and nothing more to give.
`Maya´ snuggled up close to ´Jake´s body as they ware laying there in bed. He looked her lovingly in the eyes and asked her: “Did you like it?”
She gave him a tired smile. “Very, very much”, she said and kissed his cheek before resuming her positon with her head on his chest.
“I hoped you would say that because I´ve decided that we will stay like this for a while”.
Her eyes popped open. “But I want to get back to my own body. I don´t want you be the girlfriend all my life.”
`Jake´ had made up his mind. “Yes, you want to be the girlfriend all your life. In fact, you think that you have been Maya all your life and want to stay like that”.
Cogs and gears was slowly grinding behind her skull. Of course she was Maya, and Jake was her boyfriend. It had been like that since three years and they had just had the most fantastic sex ever. He knew exactly what spots to press to rev her engine up.

Jake listened to the distant sound of James Brown from a radio. He smiled at the irony that the song played was “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World”.


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