Hoppers in the woods 1

“And, what do you think of her? It feels quite comfy in here to be honest”, Lance told you with the voice of the girl he just hopped. “I think she looks really hot, let me see her body”, you request, still mesmerized by the fact, that your best friend was a body hopper…. too.

You found out when you hopped his crush to mess with him and after the steamy sex, he asked you why the face on her body looked like yours. So you and your best buddy got an even stronger bonding.
The two of you loved to hike in the woods regulary, but your trips would now change drastically. Lance loved to hopp women, especially young and sexy girls. You weren’t opposed to that too.
So on your first trip after your discovery, Lance spotted a long haired brunette, standing alone near the path, apparently waiting for someone to return. As you two approached her, she greeted you with a timid “hi” and shyly smiled at the both of you. Lance didn’t even bother to return the greeting, charged forward, pressed his left hand on her mouth and hopped right into her.
You watched her struggling for some seconds, her curly hair flying around and suddenly she stopped moving rapidly and looked at you with a naughty smile on her lips as she removed her long curls out of her face.

So now, she slowly began to strip down in front of you. “Wow, she doesn’t even wear underwear, see?”, she asked rhetorically as she pulled down her jeans and opened her blouse for you to see her in all her glory. Wasting no time, you pulled her in for a long french kiss, while you helped her get her clothes completly off. You two were so turned on, that you simply held her up and she wrapped her long legs around you and you had sex right there.
While you gripped her tight, you sucked on her breasts, enjoying her softness as your hands roamed around her body and the scent of her hair as they were flying in your face.
It didn’t take long for you to come, as you suddenly heard a female voice out of the woods: “Miranda is everything alright? I thought i heard you moaning? Sorry it took me so long.”
You saw her in the moment she stepped back on the path, as her jaw fell open at the sight of her naked friend moaning loudly with her legs around a half naked guy.

To be continued…


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