The clothes do the woman

I tried to struggle and get free from the one holding my arms but she was deceptively strong, even considering that I now just had a fraction of my original strength than before the change.
The woman in front of me eyed me with a smirk on her pretty face. “Will you struggle against to put on every garment we try to dress you with? We´re just halfway”.
I gave her an angry look. “I will not willingly put on a bra, you bitch! It´s not natural for a man to to have boobs and use bras”.
She made a low-key laugh. “Oh, really? What do you think about your panties, pantyhose and heels then?”
“They are perfectly fine to wear!”, I retorted.
Her smile grew wider. “I can see that, you walk those heels like a pro. Hold still so I can put on this bra around you”. She aligned the cups to my foreign breasts, reached around and clasped the hooks.
I felt this flutter in my stomach after she had done that. And my head felt a little woozy. I was glad the woman holding me at least made sure I was steady on my feet. Looking down I saw that my two girls was supported by a satin black bra. It felt nice, was comfortable and gave me a decent clevage. I was glad I was wearing it to support my fairly big boobs.
“Do you like it?”, the woman in front of me asked.
“The bra? How come? It´s what I use to wear”, I spat at her.
“Thought so”, she said with another smirk.
“Change me back”, I growled at her and tried to get out of the armlock the other woman had on me, to no avail.
She feigned a shocked expression; “Change you back? Why do that now when we are almost done?”. She picked up a black piece of fabric from behind her.
“You see this? When you put this on you will become one of us”. It was an black dress. I could see that when she looked for the opening for the head. She found it and began to move it over my head while I tried to avoid it by thrashing my head back and forth.
The woman holding me changed her grip into a headlock instead to keep me still
The opening to the dress passed my head and the dress itself was resting around my neck. I was filled with this serene feeling, it felt so right to have it one me.
“Release her”, the woman in front of me ordered.
With my arms free I could complete my yearning to wear the dress properly and I began to pull it down my body. It hugged my curves perfectly and I was so satisfied that it fit me so well.
I noticed that my brown hair that had fell in my face began to take on a lighter color and was becoming more and more blonde for every second.
It felt like I was coming out of a hazy dream and now I was finally able to enter the real world. When my eyes got clearer I saw Rowena and Mallory stand next to me. My Sisters.
Mallory took my hands and gave me a happy look. “Welcome to the world Abbigail”.


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