Selling Herself

Vanessa dressed in a red one piece bathing suit at a beach, shot her live video feed, offering her sexy body to anyone who wanted it. She explained it too, she was actually offering a body switch, she didn’t want the huge boobs, large round ass, wide hips, vagina, or the long hair any longer. She wanted to try something new, and be man. She said the change was permanent, and for those opting in to be careful. The one selected would be swapped instantly, and there was no going back. She went on that she had a great body for a woman, but she was bored of it, and wanted to be a man now, trying something new. The requirement was that the males post their own live feeds up, so she could verify who she was swapping with.

Eventually she picked one, and it was Larry Jenkins. He was stunned to suddenly be at the beach, in a busty brunette’s body, now he had the tits he was ogling over moments early, he had the pussy now that he was curious about, he had the huge ass, wide hips, and long hair. All his, and he was a she now. He even heard her voice as he spoke, and even made fun of her a bit.

“I’m like so tired of this body, I want to, like, be a big hairy dude now,” said Larry, smirking, making fun of her, and wondering why she would want to give all this up.

Larry had only been in her body for a few minutes and was already pleased, and felt wonderful. He was thinking he would be a lesbian now, and have new types of sex, as a woman with a woman. This is the part that didn’t happen however. What Vanessa didn’t explain on her feed was, she had a huge sex drive, and was super slutty. She had an open relationship with her boyfriend Vinnie, and even Vinnie wanted action three times a day. Before the swap, Vanessa had been with over 100 men.

Larry found his new urges coming to the surface quickly, as his new boyfriend Vinnie was there, at the beach, eying prospects for his open relationship with Vanessa. He had no clue she was trying to swap bodies with a guy, and would have never believe it was possible. It was possible, and Larry in her body was proof. When Larry found out he had a horny boyfriend, he wanted to find a way out of the relationship at first.

Then his new desires came to be, and he realized his boyfriend Vinnie looked good, in fact very good to him. Thoughts of sucking and fucking wrung into his mind, and the other women at the beach, just didn’t do anything for him now. He never expected this. He thought he would just be a lesbian, and find some hot girls at the beach, hot girls like he was now. That didn’t happen. The thought of being with them now, turned him off, but being with his new boyfriend and perhaps the hunky lifeguard nearby made him tingle with desire.

He said to himself, “I so can’t believe this. I’m a hot sexy woman now, with a wonderful body, and a huge sex drive, and I’m only into men. These guys will rip me apart, I’ll be the receiver now and always. These guys are way bigger and stronger than me, they will get their way now, there’s no chance for me to be dominating now. Ugh, these girls, they look not even good to me, I’m just jealous of their bodies now that’s all. These men, however, oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’m attracted to guys now. Why does sucking and fucking with guys sound like so much of a great time now? I didn’t now this about the swap, but what can I do now? I’m stuck, it’s permanent, and I do love this body. It’s a small price to pay I guess, and I’m so turned on by dudes now, why would it be a problem to be with them? I’m a woman, their men, what’s the problem I guess. I’m just afraid, never having had feelings for them before or being with one. I’ll have to embrace being the receiver now, and the rest of my life.

Soon, Larry was sucking off Vinnie right there on the beach behind their beach umbrella. Larry as Vanessa couldn’t believe a cock in her mouth would taste or feel so good, but it did. Perhaps she would get used to this, as her new very turned on wet pussy would attest.


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