The Captain Says

Somehow the two friends were able to go through a portal into another universe. In that universe they found they were changed as was the world around them. Jeff on the right was now Lt. Alana Jakes in Starfleet, and Nathaniel on the left was now Valaria Lennay, a Vulcan ambassador. Their new captain, Newton Vander, told them to report to the ship for duty, and both buddies were shocked at now being women, and with the new reality around them. They looked really stunned after the captain smiled and unzipped for them briefly at headquarters, telling them they could do a level 1 diagnostic on his tool once they were back to the ship and in his quarters! The two wouldn’t admit it at that moment, but the authority of the captain and his big tool was turning both of them on, and ambassador Valaria wasn’t even experiencing Pon Farr yet.


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