The call

The phone was ringing. “Damn, my roommate must have forgotten it again” I said outloud. I looked at the screen, It was Amy, his ex. Ever since they broke up, she has been calling him all the time to yell at him. I didn’t answer, but she kept dialing every 10 minutes. I was annoyed as hell, so I picked up the phone, and aswered “Look Amy…” I wasn’t even able to say more than a couple of words, when she started speaking in a weird language. The first words I didn’t understand, but then she told me some instructions, and I felt compelled to do what she ordered me to do.

I took off my clothes, and sat on the kitchen stool. I thought she had mistaken me for James, but she refered to me as John one last time. “John, you are a woman” she said, and at that moment I felt my whole body rearrange. I grew boobs, my equipment deflated and retracted into my own body. I looked at my legs, and they looked quite feminine. “A hot lady like you has long hair” she said. It felt like someone was pulling my hair out, but in reality it was getting longer. “Act and speak like the woman you are” she said. “Your name is Kimberly, but everyone calls you Kim”, I knew she was creating a new reality for me, and I just felt like accepting it. She explained how to apply make up, how to paint my fingernails and my toenails. Then she told me to pierce my ears, and I did exactly what she said.

While we were talking, I could feel my naked breasts touching my legs. I felt hot, to tell the truth a little wet too. She then gave me some instructions, something to get even with James. I then hung up. I waited on our living room for James to come home. He was surprised to find a naked girl instead of his roommate. “Where is John?” he asked. “Gone” I said. I walked towards him, and kissed him passionately, I then guided him to his own room, and there, we had hot sex. Amy had told me to transform him into a girl, just like she had transformed me into one. But I felt in love, I wanted to be James girlfriend. So I didn’t go on with Amy’s plan.

I dated James for a couple of years, until the bastard cheated on me too. It wasn’t until then that I decided to finish Amy’s plan. Tonight, I will transform that bastard into the dumbest bimbo I have ever met.


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