Dylan flung his sister’s panties out of her dresser and on to the floor.

“Where is it,” he asked annoyed as he opened another drawer.

“Do you really think we should be in here, dude,” asked Dylan’s nervous friend Alex.

“Be chill, bro. The best lesbian porn you’ve ever seen is somewhere in my sister’s room. It has, like, the hottest girls ever. Where is that damn DVD,” he said looking underneath the bed.

“Ever called of a thing called the Internet? I could search for anything if your house was close to a network… or had WiFi,” he said chuckling.

“We do have WiFi. Dad just changed the password. He’s punishing me for bad grades. I’m grounded, actually. I’m not even supposed to have friends over.”

“Oh great, Dylan,” said Alex, giving him a hard hit on the shoulder. “I know your sis is out of town but what if your dad comes home early?”

“That old fart? He’s stuck in traffic or…”

Neither of them had noticed Dylan’s dad standing in the open doorway until they heard a loud “AHEM”.

They both yelped with surprise.

“Jesus, you boys just don’t know how to behave, do you,” he asked them angrily.

They began to ramble, both of them blaming the other for the crime.

“Enough. You horny little bastards can’t go a day without some stimulation, can you? Not one day without ogling? Well, don’t worry. I’ll make it so you don’t have to go out of your way anymore.”

He pointed at them.

“Dad. Wait,” Dylan pleaded with his father, his voice cracking. “You don’t need to punish Alex, too.” he said as he felt the world grow around him. “I’m sorryyyeeee… nnnnggg.”

Waves of heat flowed through both of them. They gasped as they watched each other slim down. Years of muscle development began to reverse. Well defined arms and legs started to shrink and soften. Broad shoulders pulled inward as their pecs drooped and swelled, their nipples thickening.

Their clothes became skin tight. Pant cuffs shot upwards morphing into short shorts that showed off their new slender, smooth legs and round pert asses, barely contained. Size 12 wide sandals transformed into smaller, narrow stringy ones to house petite women size 6 feet. Big billowy T shirts pulled away from their shorts, shrinking into belly shirts to reveal flawless skinny midriffs.

Both friends watched in shock and awe at each other’s changing facial features. The hair above their upper lips receded until there was nothing but smoothness. Defined jawlines became less defined, their faces shrinking. Lips swelled thicker and fuller. Noses became smaller and cuter. Long full bodied hair erupted from their heads, flowing past down their shoulders.

Dylan and Alex both cried out a girly moan as they felt their raging boners twitch and convulse. With every spasm they could feel their packages receding back inside of them. Their stomachs ached with pain as their bodies made room for their new plumbing. They both reached into their tight shorts with the hope of stopping the transformation (if only they could just cling onto their cocks!) but both were met with an unfamiliar warm wetness of a newly formed pussy.

Dylan’s father had already left moments ago. They could hear his car backing out the driveway.

“Well,” said Alex, twirling her long hair in her slender fingers while biting her thick bottom lip. “Guess we don’t need that DVD anymore, do we?”


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