The bet

Yes, I have tits, long hair, I have a hairless body , where I had a big cock, I have a female pussy… Yes, we lost the bet. Yesterday, my friend Mike and I made a bet. We started to speak about ours girlfriends and if they were faithfull… I defended their… They never have sex with other men while they are our girlfriends.. Mike said they can fuck with anyone.

Ok, told me Mike, we will try fuck the other gilfriend, if you win, wich is you reward?.

You are crazy… My girlfriend never will fucks with you… We will play hard… My grandmother said me and ancient spell for change bodies… If I win, you will be the best friend of my girlfriend, a blonde girl with big tits, you will like use female clothes and fuck like a woman, and you will think about gender relations with the eyes of a woman…

Ok. If I win you will be a brunette woman, with big tits and a big sexual desire… We have all the night to fuck them, and when we will wake up, the winner could see the other in her new roll…


In the morning, when I open my eyes , I am in shock, because I cant find my cock… I find a pussy ,when I go to the toilette I need sit to pee and when I will fuck, someone like Mike will put his cock and his jizz inside me.. I have not cock, I have pussy… I go to the bed and I can see a blonde in bed… Yesterday Mike had the reason, I fucked with his girlfriend, and I had reason… My girlfriend did not want fuck with him… Certainly, Mike never could put his cock inside me, because now Mike is a nice blonde.

We lost.. We received a lesson.. We start to speak about wich is the best dress to put.


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