Traffic Trouble

A stripper running late for work and speeding, crashed into George, who was on his day off heading to a local home repair store to pick up some things he needed to finish his porch. Both ended up in the hospital, and were in bad shape. The stripper, Sondra Saucy, was for all intents, brain dead. Her body, however was in good shape. George, on a different take, had a perfectly healthy brain, but his body was messed up.

No one knew of this, but the hospital they were sent to hand an underground type area, where they would experiment on subjects. They had been successful on brain transplantations before, but never tried between different genders. This would be their first. It isn’t difficult to find out what happened next.

George’s brain was successfully transplanted into Sondra’s sexy body! After a short rest, they helped George up, and took off his hospital gown, to reveal his entire new body to him in a full length mirror. He just stood their stunned, with his new long manicured nails spread out over the tops of his legs. He recognized the woman, she was the one that he seen going towards him before he went black. She was also the one who did many a lap dance for him at the stripper club, and even did some backstage special favors as well.

“George we know it is a shock to you, but this is what we had to do to save you. You’re brain was fine, your body was not, you would have been a vegetable, and would have died eventually. This woman’s body was still in great shape, as you can see, but she was gone for all intents as her brain was dead. We did what our special tech allowed us to do, and give you a chance at a new life. This will be our first successful brain transplant between a male and a female body, but we have successfully done other brain transplants in the past. The reason you haven’t heard of this, is it is not quite approved or legal, and we payed off our clients before, very well.

What you will do now is assume the identity of Sondra Saucy, and we will grant you a huge sum of money in the form of smaller payments each month. You will want for nothing the rest of your life, but you have to keep quiet. If you don’t, well we have a chip installed within you that will terminate you immediately, so you better do as we say. You can continue with her “career” or do something else we don’t care, but this is your new life now, you would be wise to accept it. Have a good day Ms. Saucy.”

The new Sondra Saucy stood there still stunned in her fishnet covered tiny manicured feet. She felt so strange, but not entirely bad either. She grabbed at her new hair, boobs, and vagina, still not quite believe what she was feeling or seeing. When she spoke, she heard the voice all to familiar, that stripper’s voice.

A nurse came in and told Sondra to put her shoes on, she would be going through some special training on how to be a woman. Sondra glanced over at the shoes with her eyes that were made up with thick eye liner, mascara, long lashes and shiny eye shadow, and wondered how she would even walk in them! They were strappy four inch heels, but they were chunky on the back, which might make it a bit easier, but still they were heels. She looked at her hands, her nails were so long she knew she would have trouble doing things with them also, but she would have to try. She didn’t feel she had a choice, and rightfully so.

The nurse smiled as Sondra finally put the shoes on, “Welcome to womanhood Sondra, you will have a nice life I’m sure of it. I’m a woman, and I love it.”

The was little consolation to George who was a proud man that lost his manhood, but he did think he was quite younger, he was good looking, and he was now rich. As long as he played his cards straight, he would be fine, and most importantly be alive. He realized if it wasn’t for this body he would be unable to move, and would probably soon be dead. He thought he would rather live as a woman, than be dead as a man. He eventually strutted his stuff down the hall in the heels, and shaked his new ass a bit at the end. He didn’t know why, but he enjoyed that.


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