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The best friend

John and Mary are a couple. They have been married for five years , and they are very happy in their marriage… but the old John girlfriend is jealous from them… she was furious, and in a internet searching she found and ancient spell to change the body… and she selected the participants in the body change… and now, the John´s life has changed, his brain is in the body of Jen, the best friend of his old girlfriend… and he doesn´t know his body with the brain of Jen is in his house, with Mary…
John is aware about his new situation when a light blinded his eyes. In the first moment, he can not open his eyes, and he felt strange sensations in his body… a new weight on his chest , hair falling over her shoulders… when he opened his eyes, he needed to rub his eyes… he was she… she became aware now she was a woman, a young woman with long black hair, pink lips makeup, with a big pair of tits and black long-sleeve T-shirt with a long neckline… John was amazed… she tried to speak when sow the face of his old girlfriend… Read more


Hello, my friend… one hour ago you were the CEO of the company… you were a big bastard, you knew that I was going to work to another company with a higher salary, you knew that I was going to work to another company with a higher salary… I lost my new job … Read more


Yes, you always told us that you loved my mother, but in your eyes I could see your desire to fuck my friend Becky … when we were on vacation at the beach, I saw the bulge of your cock when you looked at her tits and my ass… yes, I could feel in you thought my milf mother could not compete with us, and I decided to repair this situation… Read more


God!… I am a loudmouth… at the wedding of the best friend of my girlfriend I’m the only one of my friends who say to his sister, the witch “if women close their legs there would be less trouble in their life” … Read more

The genie

Dammed genie… He was in a lamp, and when I was cleaning the shop, he went out of the lamp… “You have three wishes. Use its carefully”… “I need think… I wish a lot of money, I wish a lot of sex and I am thinking in a black and obedient woman for… ” “Ok, I grant your wishes…” Read more

The new secretary 3

I wish I have a good day today … until yesterday I worked like the boss of the company, and my secretary, with a spell, has changed ours bodies.. Read more

Other change

Ann has decide make change in the relation with her boyfriend, John. She is tired of them and their wilds nights. Read more

The bet

Yes, I have tits, long hair, I have a hairless body , where I had a big cock, I have a female pussy… Yes, we lost the bet. Yesterday, my friend Mike and I made a bet. We started to speak about ours girlfriends and if they were faithfull… I defended their… They never have sex with other men while they are our girlfriends.. Mike said they can fuck with anyone. Read more