That Waking Scratch

Henry was waking Saturday morning, and reached to scratch an itch, thinking it was his balls. When his smaller hand had to reach under something lacey, he scratched his new pussy, his eyes opened as he realized something was way off. As he looked in a nearby mirror in horror, he realized he was in the body of his science teacher Ms. Lindsey Long. He remembered her saying to him he looked strong and healthy, and she was experimenting with something to be young again in the class lab.

Then “he” got a text from himself, on Ms. Long’s phone, “Sorry I did this, but I had to. The teaching lifestyle and being a woman was becoming something I wanted to get out of. Perhaps you can do better in those roles. Don’t tell anyone they’ll think you’re crazy, and you would be better off just to accept this. Also, you need to get dressed you have a teacher’s conference in three hours, and it’s also a presentation to the parents after, so you better wear one of my dresses, hose, and heels, as the school superintendent is very strict on teacher dress code and is old fashioned. Have fun walking in heels and grading papers this weekend, and your boyfriend stops by on Saturday night, and is usually very horny, he only sees you once a week. Have a nice life Lindsey.”

Henry was in shock and texted her back to no avail, and wondered what he or rather she would do now. No way would she go to that conference. Then when a second text came about losing her job, and being behind on rent, she had to listen and get dressed or be a woman on the street.

Later standing on stage with the other teachers and superintendent, her feet hurting in the heels, and her legs and feet getting hot from the pantyhose, she cursed under her nose about what the real Lindsey had done to her, but what could she do, she couldn’t be thought a crazy lady, not with her looming threat of being homeless and needing her job. She was stuck by circumstances to do anything about what had happened, and would eventually have to resign to being a woman and a schoolteacher, while watching her former body have youthful male fun.

Henry, now Lindsey had to admit however, the sex with her boyfriend was the best she’s ever had, and much better than grading papers. She might even blow him on the next weekend. Was she becoming a slut, and her new desires were for men now? She didn’t care, she was stuck she would do what felt the best to make herself happy despite of what it would take.


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