A Freak Accident to Freaky Sex

Joe Breyers and Joanna Lovins got into a freak car accident one Friday afternoon. Joe’s body was not salvageable, and he was slowly dying, and Joanna’s body was perfectly fine, accept for her brain being damaged, where she had become brain dead. One would know where this was going next. The hospital was doing secretive radical experimentation on brain transplant, and shaved Joanna’s head and put Joe’s brain in it. Joe was still Joe, but now occupying Joanna Lovins’ sexy busty body.

When he woke he was shocked, and freaked, and emotional, and perhaps that part was because of his estrogen producing ovaries. He still had his mind however, and being a man in a woman’s body was scary at first, but also an act in exploration of the unknown. The more Joe would secretly touch himself or admire himself in the mirror when the nurses weren’t around, the more he got used to it, and was starting to embrace it. He just needed some hair, being a bald woman felt and looked odd to him. He finally got his request for a wig, until his hair could grow back naturally, and at first glance he then looked amazing.

“Bald might be beautiful, but this is gorgeous. Long hair on a beautiful woman is amazing,” said Joe now Joanna.

Joe was at first put off by the large boobs and empty crotch, but soon embraced both, and love how the boobs jiggled, and how smooth his crotch was, especially when he walked. He learned to love how his large hips swayed, and large bubble butt jiggled. He also learn Joanna was an up and cumming porn star, no pun intended. Her thing was dudes, even multiple dudes, but never women. That would change with Joe’s male brain up there, unless the hormones started to change that too.

Joe later grew his hair out, and built up enough confidence to try the porn career, intrigued by it as a woman. He would be a lesbian however, and stick with women, for now anyway…. He loved the double dildos and the fingering, and the strap-on sex. At first however he was the one wearing the strap-on, still the “man” in the sex, but later… things started to change.

Perhaps his brain changed a bit with the female hormones washing over it daily, or perhaps it was his body memory of urges for men, but eventually he became a bi-porn star. He started with a few blowjobs, and eventually full blown group sex with three studs. However, he always went back to his lesbian videos too, but this time was letting them wear the strap-ons. He even did a group scene where he was with four girls, and they all had strap-ons. They wore short wigs and fake mustaches, and he would rip them off along with the strap-on they each had, as role play like he was taking away their manhood and making them women like him. He loved grabbing the cocks, however, even if they were fake ones, loving the feeling of something long, hard, and thick in his dainty new manicured hands.

One would think a mind would change the body, but in this case the body changed the mind, but then again, Joe now Joanna Lovins, was never happier, once she adjusted to her new sexy body, and new sexy lifestyle. The last name did fit, and it was her real last name, not a porn name. She loved making love to women and men now as well, and “lovins” was what she enjoyed the most.


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